Avatar Builder Review – Affordable and Best Animated Video Maker?

Avatar Builder is a first-to-market multi-purpose video creation and marketing suite with features such as customizable 3D Avatars and Powerful AI Scene creator to convert your users into customers.

Industry-Standard features like Visual Custom Avatar Builder, AI Scene Creator, Logo Mapping Technology, Text-to-Speech and much more.

Ease of Use

User-Friendly Interface. Detailed Tutorial Videos Included for any kind of assisstance.


Limited Period One-time Price for a very limited period. Prices may become a monthly subscription after the one-time offer. 


Excellent Support from the development team. A dedicated Facebook group for members available.

  • Breakthrough Features
  • Create a Professional and Realistic 3D avatar.
  • User friendly and Cloud Hosted
  • Commercial License Available
  • Reputed and Reliable Developer
  • 30 Days Money-back Guarantee
  • You have to buy upgrades/upsells to unlock advanced features.
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Table of Contents

Avatar Builder Review - Introduction


84% of people say that they have bought a product/service after watching a video

90% of the users say that videos are helpful in making their purchase decision.

80% boost in sales conversion when a video in present on a landing page!

Video content is proven to bring more user engagement than any other content format. Video types like doodle videos, explainer videos, interactive videos, and especially animated videos can be used in marketing campaigns to boost engagement, lead generation, and sales conversions.

However, only a minimal number of marketers and brands leverage these marketing videos. This is because creating a professional quality animated video has the following complications:

  • Need to hire expensive spokespersons
  • Multiple video apps required for different video types.
  • Had to pay big bucks for freelancers 
  • Need High Skill and Experience
  • Need to have Complicated Camera Set-up
  • Ultimately, it takes a lot of time and money.

Sounds relevant right? You somehow or the other might have faced similar problems while trying to make an animated video. Being an affiliate marketer myself, I don’t make animated videos despite their marketing potential due to the problems mentioned above. 

Luckily, I review marketing software/tools and so I happen to stumble on this software called Avatar Builder which created a lot of buzz since its announcement. The fact that it was developed by the most reputed and popular Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar in a tie-up with Amazon’s Development team interested me very much.

So, I requested a review copy and I was quite impressed with this animated video maker after trying it out. Let’s dive into my Avatar Builder Review and find out what this animated video maker is all about!

What is Avatar Builder?

Avatar Builder is a New Leap In Animated Video Making and Artificial Intelligence

Avatar Builder is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered and cloud hosted virtual 3D animated video maker used for making customized animated videos. Apart from making 3D animated videos, you could also make explainer videos, educational videos, e-commerce videos, social media ads, youtube videos, presentations, and sales videos using this animated video maker.

Avatar builder is packed with industry-standard features like Custom Visual 3D Avatar Builder, AI Smart Scene Builder, Award-Winning Text-to-Speech, Next-Gen Logo Mapping, and many more features to create captivating and converting marketing videos.

The interface of Avatar Builder is very user friendly and you could create engaging and captivating videos to boost your lead generation and sales conversions in minutes.

About the Founders of this Animated Video Maker

Avatar Builder Founder
Paul Ponna, Founder

Paul Ponna is an award-winning technology entrepreneur, author, speaker, and consultant with more than 14 years of online marketing experience. He is also the founder of several million-dollar SAAS companies.

Avatar Builder Co-Founder
Sid Diwar, Co-Founder

Sid Diwar is a software developer, experienced tech entrepreneur, and marketing consultant from Canada. He played an instrumental role in many marketing campaigns and new product ideas which happened to become million-dollar ventures!

Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar are one of the top-selling marketing software developers on JVZOO. They have launched many revolutionary and commercially successful products like DoodleMaker, ChatterPal, VideoPal, etc. 

What's Special About this Animated Video Maker?

Using Avatar Builder, You could create customized "Talking 3D Avatars" to stand out from the noise and crush your competition.

3D Avatars are elegant and simple yet astonishingly engaging. These animated videos not only capture your user’s attention but also retains them i.e. it makes them hooked to your video. You could customize these 3D avatars from a plethora of options available and could even make a 3D animated version of yourself to represent your brand. Sounds Cool, right?

Moreover, using Avatar Builder, you could create professional-quality 3D animated videos in minutes. No hassles whatsoever. You can spend minimal time creating quality content and more time promoting it using this animated video maker. Create videos, set-up your marketing campaign, and convert your prospects.

What can you do with Avatar Builder?

3D Avatar Customization
  1. Evoke Emotions:3D Avatars can elevate your storytelling process, engage, and convert your audiences into paying customers.
  2. Boost Authority: 3D animated video avatars can help to build credibility and trust to skyrocket your results.
  3. Save Money: No need for hiring expensive voiceover artists, spokesperson,s or freelancers.
  4. Attract more customers: Generate leads and sales conversions WITHOUT any technical skill, fancy equipment, or being in front of the camera. 
  5. Capture and Keep Engagement: Boost your engagement by 10X and slash your advertising spends.
  6. Create multi-lingual videos: Multiply your profits through global reach.

Watch Avatar Builder in Action - Video Demo

Features of this Animated Video Maker

Avatar Builder Review- Features

First of its kind Visual 3D Avatar Builder

Avatar Builder Features: Customizable 3D avatars

Using Avatar Builder, you could create and customize your 3D avatars for any type of marketing objective. As a result, you could communicate with the masses and build your brand in a fun and engaging way.

This animated video maker provides a wide range of avatar customization options to make your perfect 3D animated video. You could change the colors, clothing, looks, skin, accessories, vests, watches, shoes, and much more. 

Create, Fascinate, and Get Incredible marketing results with unlimited design possibilities.

Pixar and Disney Style 3D Avatars

Avatar Builder Features: Disney and Pixar Style 3D avatars

You could select your desired 3D avatar spokesperson from wide range of options- different age groups, professions, ethnicities, and backgrounds to communicate your message to your audience in an engaging way.  

Use your 3D animated video as a magnet to attract and convert your users in marketing campaigns.

Done-For-You Templates

Avatar Builder Features: DFY Templates

If you don’t want to spend your time and efforts experimenting and trying out animated videos from the scratch, you could just start by selecting a DFY template. Avatar Builder’s library consists of thousands of DFY Templates to choose from.

Create a 3D animated video in minimal time is just 3 simple steps.

  1. Select your desired template
  2. Customize based on your marketing needs
  3. Share and Profit

You could also add your own text, fonts, animations, custom backgrounds, and watermarks.

Moreover, you could also earn money by selling  3D animated videos to your clients using the commercial license.

AI-Powered Smart Scene Creator

Avatar Builder Features: AI smart scene creator

Using this animated video maker, you could easily convert any text into a stunning 3D animated video. Thanks to its powerful AI-powered Smart Scene Creator!

Within minutes, you could convert your text content into stunning animated video scenes. Avatar Builder also comes with an award-winning text-to-speech to add professional quality voiceovers. Sit back and let Artificial Intelligence automate hours of manual work for you.

Logo Mapping Technology

Avatar Builder Features: Logo Mapping Technology

Boost trust and credibility by branding your 3D avatars with your own logo. This animated video maker enables you to add logos that becomes a part of your 3D avatar i.e. logos can flex with the avatar’s movements providing a life-like effect. This is the very first of its kind in an animated video maker.

Drag and Drop Video Mockups and Promo Builder

Using Avatar Builder, you could convert your existing videos or images into highly engaging and professional quality mockups. Using this feature, you could showcase your brand, product, or even website with cinematic movements like camera pan and zoom effects.

You could easily create professional-quality animated videos without any fancy equipment or budget using this animated video maker. 

Versatile Open-Canvas Video Maker for Custom Videos

Like said earlier, you could easily create an animated video from scratch for any of your marketing objectives in minutes. All you have to do is to paste your text content and Avatar Builder’s AI will create a spectacular video for you. You can then customize it by changing the background, colors, fonts, avatars, text effects, etc. based on your preference. 

Dazzling Text Effects

Captivate your audience using Avatar Builder’s professional-quality text effects and animations. Keep your viewers hooked to your content, build trust and credibility, and eventually make them buy your product/service. 

Add Watermarks to your Videos.

This animated video maker also enabled you to protect your work. You could leverage this feature to send samples to clients and add authority to your work.

Copyright Free Images & Videos

If you don’t have your own media, not an issue!

This animated video market provided you with millions of professional images and videos that are copy-right free. Thanks to Pexels and Pixabay Integrations.

Royalty-Free Music Library

Add music from a library consisting of hundreds of royalty-free music tracks to boost your user engagement and sales conversions.

Full HD Videos

Export/render your animated videos in 720p HD quality for professionally quality results. You have to purchase the agency upgrade if you need to render in 1080p. 

Multi-Lingual Capabilities

Reach out to global audiences using this animated video maker’s multi-lingual capabilities.

  1. Award-Winning Text-to-Speech: Natural human-like voiceovers.
  2. 1-Click language Transition
  3. Speech-To-Text Transcription: Convert any old audio/video content into text and then transform the text content into stunning animated video scenes
  4. In-App Voice Recording: Easily record your voice in any language of your preference and sync it with your 3D avatar perfectly.

Commercial License

Sell your animated videos for 500$ to 1000$ each using the commercial license.

You could create and sell unlimited videos for your client without any limitations. You also get to keep 100% of your profits. 

Will Avatar Builder Suit You?

Avatar Builder can be used to make the following:

  • 3D Explainer Videos
  • Animated Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • Ecommerce Videos
  • Social Media Ads
  • Youtube Videos
  • Presentations
  • Sales Videos

So, if you are in need of the above-mentioned video types or would wish to boost your user engagement and sales, then Avatar Builder might be the perfect match for you.

In specific, Avatar Builder can be a perfect choice for: 

  • Content Creators
  • Authors
  • Teachers
  • Business Owners
  • Digital Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Bloggers

Avatar Builder Exclusive BONUSES

Normally, you don’t get these bonuses when you directly buy from Avatar Builder’s Sales page. But, since I am an affiliate, Paul (founder) has given me the exclusive right to provide you with 10 exclusive bonuses i.e. Bonuses will be applicable only if you buy using my link.

Please email your purchase receipt to bonus@avatarbuilder.com with the subject title "BONUS REQUEST" along with the names of the bonuses to get access.

Exclusive Bonus#1

Create “conversion tested” e-commerce sales videos using the done-for-you templates and boost traffic and sales conversion. Commercial License included so that you can earn more money by selling videos to clients along with Avatar Builder’s animated videos.

Exclusive Bonus#2

Do you intend or wish to sell the videos that you create with Avatar Builder Online? Use this done-for-you and professionally designed agency website to showcase your videos and sell them online.

Exclusive Bonus#3

21 days of intensive training program which will help you to sell your animated videos for top dollars online.

Exclusive Bonus#4

This bonus package allows you to create professional logos and sell them for big bucks to your clients. You could also integrate these logos into Avatar Builder in seconds.

AI automatically finds the relevant media i.e. images icons, etc., and provides you with a wide variation of logos to choose from. You could then select and download your preferred logo.

Exclusive Bonus#5

Make attractive thumbnails for your videos and skyrocket your click-through rates and video views.

Exclusive Bonus#6

Study the various occasions where video created using Avatar Builder skyrocketed marketing profits and replicate the same in your marketing campaigns.

Exclusive Bonus#7

Royalty-free music pack integrated with Avatar Builder to boost your user engagement and sales conversions.

Exclusive Bonus#8

This is an exclusive access to the Skype member area where you could connect with many like-minded people. Weekly training, bonuses, and free software giveaways are a few advantages of joining the skype group.

Exclusive Bonus#9

A large library of copyright-free HD stock videos that you can use limitlessly. You could also upload these videos into Avatar Builder and use them.

Exclusive Bonus#10

22 done-for-you professional-quality call to action voiceovers which you can customize and use it in your videos. Eliminate the need for hiring expensive voiceover artists and skyrocket your sales conversions.

Avatar Builder Pricing and Upsells/OTO's

Avatar Builder Personal

$ 40 one-time payment
  • All the above mentioned Features
  • Max video length- 3 Minutes
  • Personal License

Avatar Builder Commercial

$ 47 one-time payment
  • All the above mentioned Features
  • Max video length- 6 minutes
  • Commercial License
  • 10 Exclusive Bonuses
  • Facebook Group Access
  • 8 week Training Webinars

Upgrades/OTO's/ Upsells

Avatar Builder Upsells
Upsell 1- Avatar Builder Elite

More advanced and exclusive features such as:

  • New 3D avatars launched every month
  • Premium Text Effects, Fonts, and Animations
  • Millions of Copyright-Free Media Assets (images and videos)
  • Unlimited Background Removal
  • Premium Slide Transitions
  • 200 Premium Music Library
  • Priority VIP Rendering
  • Priority VIP Support

Upsell 2- Avatar Builder Agency

More advanced and exclusive features such as:

  • Double your Max Video Length to 12 minutes
  • Render your videos in full HD-1080p
  • Done-for-you human voiceovers for all templates.
  • Save and use the custom avatar that you create for future use.
  • Done-for-You Video Agency Package
  • Done-for-you Client Contracts
  • 5 additional accounts for workers
  • 150,000 Video Scripts and Articles

Upsell 3- Avatar Builder Template Hub

  • New Templates added every month
  • Immediately Unlock 500+ New Templates 

Upsell 4- Avatar Builder Voice Pro

  • Unlock 100+ premium text-to-speech voices of accents and languages.
  • Instant Acess to Download 400 voiceovers.
  • You can use these voiceovers in any external applications

Avatar Builder Review - Should You Buy?

A Definite Yes!

Avatar Builder is a product from reputed and popular developers. Moreover, Amazon’s Development Team also co-worked on the project. So, there’s no question about the reliability and credibility of this animated video maker. I got the chance to use Avatar Builder’s Review Copy and I must say that it is a beast! 

Avatar Builder is an efficient animated video maker to create marketing videos that captivate, engage, and convert your audiences. You could also make educational and 3D explainer videos using this animated video maker.

Yes, you might have to buy the upgrades/upsells to unlock all the features of Avatar Builder, but it is still cheap and affordable when compared to paying for other software, freelancers, voiceover artists, etc. 

You are protected by Avatar Builder’s 30-day money-back guarantee. So there is no risk at all in trying out this affordable and best-animated video maker.

Avatar Builder Rating- 4.5/5

Avatar Builder Review: F.A.Q's

Yes, there is a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you could contact us at support@avatarbuilder.com and request for a no question refund.

Avatar Builder is the only animated video maker with visual 3D avatar builder. Moreover many features like AI smart scene creator, etc. are not available is any other app. 

Moreover, you can get this animated video maker for a very small one time price. Nothing can even come close!


There are no limits! You can create and render as many videos as you want.

You get everything for just a very small one-time payment. No monthly or yearly fees as of now.


Avatar Builder comes with a detailed step-by-step tutorial to get you started and earn big bucks.

Yes, you can.

With the Commercial License, you could create and sell as many videos as you want. Moreover, you get to keep 100% profits.


You can easily upload your media files to the app and customize them as you wish.

You can create videos for a max duration of 6 minutes. If you want more than that, you could club individual videos together.

If you buy the agency upgrade, then you can render a max length of 12 minutes.

All free updated will be provided to you at free of cost.

Yes, You can create videos in any language using multi-lingual text-to-speech.


Still, have queries regarding Avatar Builder? Just Ask Shakthi!
Avatar Builder Review - Affordable and Best Animated Video Maker?
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