SocialPilot Review 2021 – An Affordable Sprout Social Alternative?

SocialPilot is a Social Media Automation Tool using which you can create, publish, schedule, analyze and optimize your social media marketing campaigns. It is regarded as a user-friendly and affordable alternative to various other social media automation tools like Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Buffer, Agropulse, etc.

All the features that you require like Post Creation, Publishing and Scheduling; Social Media Analytics, Client management etc.

Ease of Use

Very User-Friendly and Intuitive Interface which better than other tools like Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Buffer,etc.


Starts at a very affordable pricing of 30$/month. No there tool provides premium features at this very affordable price.


Quick and reliable customer service via live chat, email, mobile app, and even scheduled phone calls.

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In this article, I will be reviewing a social media automation tool called SocialPilot which I came across recently. The USP of better user-friendliness and Affordability over its rivals had me interested and I decided to try it. After using SocialPilot, I felt that it could be a strong contender to other best selling social media automation tools like HootSuite, Buffer, AgroPulse, etc. 

But can SocialPilot be a Sprout Social Alternative? Is SocialPilot that powerful, user-friendly and cost-effective at the same time? 

Well, let’s dive in to find that out!

Need for a Social Media Automation Tool

When you are building or maintaining a brand, you must be relying on social media platforms. It is the place where you could find and reach out to your potential customers. You may tend to use different social media platforms for different marketing objectives. For example, you may use Facebook and Instagram for promoting your product/services and use Twitter for customer support.

So, in such cases, it becomes difficult in managing each social media platform individually. Imagine the time it would take for creating, posting, analyzing, and optimizing your social media marketing campaigns?

It would literally take all of your marketing time! 

Now, you would think of two possible solutions:

  1. Hire a freelancer to manage your social media
  2. Use a social media automation tool.

The first option is definitely not the affordable one. So the only affordable and effective option that you are left with is using a social media automation tool, where you can create, schedule, analyze and manage all of your social media accounts under one platform. 

What is SocialPilot?

As mentioned earlier, SocialPilot is an affordable social media automation tool, using which you can perform the following functions:

  • Manage all your social media accounts under one platform.
  • Create, Publish, and Schedule social media posts.
  • Analyze and Optimize the performances of each of your social media posts.
  • Manage your clients and work as a team.

SocialPilot is a suitable social media marketing tool for individual/brand, small teams as well as agencies. 

SocialPilot Feature Overview

Publishing and Scheduling
Facebook Ads
Social Inbox
White Lable Solution

Supported Social Media Platforms

User Feedbacks/Ratings

SocialPilot Review 2021 - An Affordable Sprout Social Alternative?

SocialPilot is highly regarded and rated on par with its premium competitors like Sprout Social, HootSuite, Buffer, etc. mainly for the three following reasons:

  1. User Friendliness (UX/UI)
  2. Affordable Pricing (Sprout Social Alternative)
  3. Reliable Customer Support

All the above features are not present in most other social media marketing tools and that is why SocialPilot has thrived successfully. 

Popular Mentions/Features

SocialPilot- Popular Mentions
  1. G2 (reputed software reviewer) recognized SocialPilot as a High Performer in Summer 2020 and Winter 2021
  2. G2 also recognized SocialPilot as the most loved social media automation tool by its users.
  3. Capterra ( Another leading reviewer) featured SocialPilot in the Top 20 Marketing Softwares 2020.

SocialPilot Review - FEATURES

You can connect and manage up to 50 social media accounts.

Let’s look at the feature of SocialPilot in detail.

Create and Schedule Your Social Media Posts

Using SocialPilot's advanced Post Composer, you could easily create customized posts for each social media platform under one place.

Customize Posts for Maximum Results

SocialPilot also provides you an effortless tagging functionality using which you can tag other profiles and pages and the more attention, reach, and engagement.

Get More Attention with mentions

You could also create and design Facebook and LinkedIn Carousel Posts to convey captivating messages, engage and convert your users into customers. Use custom captions, external links, and CTA's for your carousels.

SocialPilot's Carousel Post Creation

Automate Your Created Posts

You can automate your social media posting process by either scheduling a post for the future or repeating an existing post. 

Set your Social Media Posting On Auto-Pilot by Scheduling them for a specific time slot whenever your followers are most active. You can do this scheduling for individual social media platforms.

SocialPilot's Post Automation Feature

You could share a post that you find interesting on the internet by just pasting the link!

As shown in the above picture, you could just paste the link of something which you liked and could effortlessly convert it into a post and share it to your social media platforms using SocialPilot.

You could also share a particular post multiple times by scheduling it accordingly. You could even repeat your high-performing post from the past.

For some reason, if you cannot complete your post and want to save it for later, you could easily do so by saving it as a draft.

The Social Media Calender

Using the Social Media Calendar, use could perform the following functions:

  • Visualize your Content Strategy
  • Filter your Scheduled events based on Accounts & Group
  • Reschedule any post using the Editorial Calendar
  • Easily Repeat/Share Evergreen Content.
SocialPilot Review- Social Media Calender

All the scheduled events in the calendar are sorted based on social media accounts. You could easily drag and drop scheduled posts to move or repeat them to other time slots.

Bulk Schedule Posts

SocialPilot Review 2021 - An Affordable Sprout Social Alternative?

Using SocialPilot’s Bulk Export feature, you bulk upload up to 500 posts or tweets by the following steps:

  1. Drag and Drop a CSV File 
  2. Review your bulk posts using the Post Planner
  3. Map posts to your Social Media Accounts and Schedule.

SocialPilot also provides the flexibility to make changes to your scheduled bulk posts.

Unlike other social media automation tools, SocialPilot can bulk upload both articles and images. Images are pulled directly from the link mentioned in the CSV files.

Content Curation Tool

SocialPilot's Content Curation Tool

SocialPilot’s Content Curation Tool helps you to brainstorm new and trending content ideas for your social media posts. So, running short of post ideas is not a problem anymore! Thanks to SocialPilot.

Find fresh content and post them to your social media platforms in just 3 steps:

  1. Search for specific keywords in the Content Curation Tool
  2. Add search filters like published time to find the latest content on your specific keyword i.e. trending content.
  3. Easily Create, Publish or Schedule Posts from the Content Curation Tab itself. 

SocialPilot allows you to search for unlimited keywords/content ideas i.e. unlimited posts!

Autoshare from WordPress & Other RSS feeds

SocialPilot's RSS Feed Automation

Sharing blog posts to Social Media is now made burden-free. Thanks to SocialPilot's RSS Feed Automation feature.

All you have to do is to add the feed URL and configure it by setting the checking frequency. So, whenever a new post has been posted in the feed, it will show up in your Post Manager, where you can create and publish/schedule to social media accounts.

Assign Hashtags to your Posts

SocialPilot allows you to add #hashtags to your RSS Feed Posts.

Adding hashtags to each and every RSS feed is a very time-consuming and frustrating process. Using SocialPilot, you could add few common hashtags while setting up an RSS/Wordpress feed automation itself. In this way, all of your RSS feed posts will have a higher reach 

SocialPilot Browser Extension

Using SocialPilot's Browser Extension, You could easily make posts and share them to social media platforms with just a few clicks.

Using SocialPilot’s browser extension makes your job easier than you think!  Once you install the extension (available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari), you could access it from the toolbar. Watch the videos below to find out how you can share posts to social media using SocialPilot’s browser extension.

Facebook Ads Management

You could not only publish Facebook posts but could also Boost them from your SocialPilot dashboard itself!

SocialPilot Review 2021 - An Affordable Sprout Social Alternative?

This is another powerful feature where you have the luxury of scheduling boost posts on Facebook from the SocialPilot’s dashboard itself.

You could choose between social media marketing objectives like Reach, Engagement, and Traffic to boost your ads. Use the exact  Facebook targeting parameters to narrow down your potential audience.

SocialPilot also provides you detailed analytics on how your boosted ad performed. Using this data, you could optimize your future ad campaigns.

Using SocialPilot, you could also run Facebook Lead Ads to capture the contact information of your potential customers.

Social Inbox

Sigle and Uncluttered Inbox for all of your Facebook Pages!

SocialPilot Review - Social Inbox

Using Social Inbox, you could get a clear view of:

  • Comments made on your Facebook posts
  • Messages sent to your Facebook Pages
  • Posts made on Your Facebook Pages

For a more comfortable chatting experience, you can apply filters to deal with only posts, comments, or conversation at a time. 

Converse to your customers as a team by assigning roles.

Work as a Team in the Social Inbox

Share your social inbox with your team, for eg. to a content creator or a manager. In this way, you could split responsibilities and respond to your customers faster.

The social inbox also enables you to keep your conversations lively and engaging using pictures and gifs. 

Client and Team Management

Onboard your clients easily and securely without having the need for them to share their credentials.

SocialPilot allows you to Manage and Collaborate with your Team and Clients seamlessly. You could also assign specific roles/access to tools like social inbox, analytics, etc. to your teammates. 

Using the Client Management Tool, you could:

  • Create the right impression to your clients by inviting them using personalized invitations containing your brand name and logo.
  • Distributed the invite link via e-mail or embed it in your website.

White Label and Reseller Benefits

With SocialPilot’s White Label Solution, you could enhance your client’s experience and revenue opportunities.

WhiteLabel Features:

  • Project your Brand At the Centrestage
  • Setup your own e-mail
  • Customization to the smallest detail
  • Improved and Streamlined Security
  • Get Personalized Analytics On Tap
  • Seamless Integration
  • Reseller Benefits
  • Unmatched Support and Training.

Other Important Features

  • Canva Integration
  • Integrated URL shortening – Bitly, Rebrandly, and Sniply. 

SocialPilot's Features are designed in such a way that it suits everyone- Individual, professional, small team, agency, and enterprise.


Download pdf reports and generate important insights from the metrics that matter the most.

Using SocialPilot’s Analytics and Reporting Tool, you could analyze/interpret/do the following:

Content Performance

Analyze and understand the content that engages your audience the most.

Audience Insights

Use Integrated Social Media Insight Tool to understand your target audience and create a better engagement strategy.


Find out top influencers who can drive engagement for your brand.

Best Time To Post

Analyze the timing when the fans are active and thus discover the best time to post your content.

Comprehensive Analytics

SocialPilot provides analytics also for posts that haven't been posted from SocialPilot's platform.

Download & Share PDF Reports

Using the Analytics tab, download and share your reports in PDF formats to your clients and colleagues.

FACEBOOK Analytics Tool

SocialPilot Review- Facebook Analytics Tool

Facebook Analysis Parameters/Metrics:

  • Account Overview
  • Audience Growth
  • Audience Engagement
  • Post Engagement
  • Demographies
  • Post Performance
  • Most Comments
  • Most Likes and Shares
  • PDF Analytics Report
  • Popular Tag Clouds

INSTAGRAM Analytics Tool

SocialPilot Review- Instagram Analytics Tool

Instagram Analysis Parameters/Metrics:

  • Profile Overview
  • Post Engagement
  • Audience Demographics
  • Stories Performance
  • Reach 
  • Website Clicks
  • Post Performance
  • New Followers
  • Hashtag Performance
  • Follower Online Activity
  • Impressions

TWITTER Analytics Tool

SocialPilot Review- Twitter Analytics Tool

Twitter Analysis Parameters/Metrics:

  • Account Overview
  • Date Wise Posts
  • Posted on Days and Time
  • Audience Preferences
  • PDF Analytics Report
  • Engagement Insight
  • Audience Engagement
  • Top Performing Tweets
  • Popular Tag Clouds

LinkedIn Analytics Tool

SocialPilot Review- LinkedIn Analytics Tool

LinkedIn Analysis Parameters/Metrics:

  • Account Overview
  • Reach/Impression Trend
  • Post-Analytics
  • Follow Count Trend
  • Engagement Trend
  • PDF Analytics Report

Google My Business Analytics Tool

SocialPilot Review- Google My Business Analytics Tool

Google My Business Analysis Parameters/Metrics:

  • Reviews and Ratings
  • View Analysis
  • Post Performance
  • Search Performance
  • Customer Actions

SocialPilot Review - Ease of Use (UX/UI)

As mentioned before, one of the main USP's or the advantage that SocialPilot has over its competitors is user-friendliness. 

The reason why we call SocialPilot a Sprout Social Alternative or Hootsuite Alternative is mainly due to its ease of use. There is nothing special or extraordinary about its user interface and that is the secret for its success. It is very neat, simple and very organised. 

SocialPilot Review Video - A Quick Walkthrough


I decided to try out this Sprout Social alternative after being impressed with its affordable price. Moreover, unlike any other social media automation tool, this so-called Sprout Social Alternative offered a 14-day no credit card trial, which I couldn’t resist.

I really had a smooth experience starting out with SocialPilot. Let me share my experience of setting up this Sprout Social Alternative.

Signing up with SocialPilot

Signing Up With SocialPilot

Signing up with SocialPilot is a simple and straightforward process.

Visit the SocialPilot Website and choose 14-day trial plan from the home page. Sign-up with your e-mail or use your Facebook or Twitter account.

The entire process takes less than a minute. Once you are done, you will be taken to the home dashboard.  

Connecting Your Social Media Accounts

To set up your social profiles after signing up, click on ‘Account’ and select ‘Connect Accounts’. You will be taken to a tab as shown in the image below, where you can easily connect your social media pages.

Connecting Your Social Profiles

When you click on Connect Page/Profile, you will be redirected to the respective social media platforms where you need to authorize/provide permission for SocialPilot for accessing your account and posting on your behalf. Once this is done, your social accounts will be linked to SocialPilot.

Scheduling Your Post

SocialPilot provides the option to set up a default schedule for your social profiles while you connect them to the dashboard itself. You can use the same, or modify it based on your social media requirements. It is actually a cool scheduling feature, which helps to save time and get started quick.

SocialPilot Review 2021 - An Affordable Sprout Social Alternative?

You can also manually set-up your posting schedule from the scratch. Also note that you could auto-schedule only when you are setting up/connecting a social account. If you miss this step, then you could only configure it manually.

Creating Your First Post

Now, since we have set up our social media accounts, you can start creating, publishing, or scheduling posts. Click on ‘Posts’ and select ‘Create Post’.

SocialPilot Review 2021 - An Affordable Sprout Social Alternative?

As you can see in the above image, I have used the URL of one of my blogpost in the content area. SocialPilot will automatically pull content from the link. You could also create content from the scratch. You have options like Canva integration, Bitly etc. to help you out with content creation.

Once you have created your content, select the social media profile you want to post and choose when you want to post it i.e. now or schedule it for later.

SocialPilot Review - PRICING

No matter whether you an individual, team, or agency, SocialPilot's plans suit for all!

SocialPilot comes in 4 flexible plans- Professional (200 posts/day), Small Team (500 posts/day), Agency (1000 posts/day), and Enterprise.

You can start with a no credit card 14-day trial for any of the above-mentioned plans and upgrade/pay after the trial period. The features that come with each pricing plan are listed in the image above. Go through the pricing plan to find out which plans suit you the best.

Unlike other social media marketing tools like Hootsuite and Buffer, SocialPilot doesn’t offer a free plan. You might consider it a drawback, but SocialPilot’s paid plans are way cheaper than others

SocialPilot Vs Sprout Social

The User Friendly and Affordable Sprout Social Alternative?

Sprout Social is currently the #1 rated (4.6/5.0) and commonly used social media automation tool, followed by Hootsuite and Buffer. 

Can SocialPilot(4.4/5.0) Match up to Sprout Social?

Sprout Social Alternative


As seen in the above image, SocialPilot is way cheaper/affordable, and user-friendly than Sprout Social. When considering the features, SocialPilot provides all the basic and essential features as Sprout Social.  Moreover, SocialPilot allows you to connect more social media accounts (50) than Sprout Social (10). 

Client Management, an important feature provided by SocialPilot is absent is Sprout Social. When comparing the Facebook ads feature, SocialPilot offers an additional feature to run Lead ads, which is again absent in Sprout Social.

The drawback for SocialPilot is the lack of a free plan which is however compensated by the no-credit card 14-day free trial.

To sum it up, SocialPilot can be confidently regarded as an affordable and user-friendly Sprout Social Alternative.

SocialPilot Vs The Competition

SocialPilot Review 2021 - An Affordable Sprout Social Alternative?

When you consider the price and support, SocialPilot is the clear winner.

Let’s compare the features of these social media marketing tools and find out which is among the 4 is the best.

SocialPilot Vs HootSuite

Affordable and User-friendly Hootsuite Alternative

HootSuite Alternative

SocialPilot Vs Buffer

Affordable and User-friendly Buffer Alternative

SocialPilot Vs Buffer

SocialPilot Vs Agora Pulse

Affordable and User-friendly Agora Pulse Alternative

SocialPilot Vs Agora Pulse

It is clearly evident that SocialPilot matches or tops the ranks when compared with Hootsuite, Buffer, and Agora Pulse. When considering the cost and user-friendliness, Socialpilot can be regarded as a clear winner.

Still Not Convinced?

Try SocialPilot using 14-day Free Trial.

No Credit Card Required!

Try SocialPilot For Free NOW

Cost Benefits of Using SocialPilot

Apart from the social media marketing and automation function, SocialPilot also allows you to save cost on additional services as follows:

Complete Content Marketing And Curation

Eliminate the need to subscribe to Content Curation Tools Like Buzzfeed and Quuu. SocialPilot's Content Curation Tool had got you covered.

Integrated RSS Feed Automation

Eliminate the need to pay for RSS feed automation tools like dlvr.it, twitterfeed, twibble, etc.

SocialPilot is an all-in-one social media marketing tool using which you could eliminate the cost spent on other social media automation tools.

SocialPilot Review- PROS & CONS


  • Free 14-day Trial (no credit card required)
  • An affordable Sprout Social Alternative
  • An Affordable Hootsuite Alternative
  • An Affordable Buffer Alternative
  • All-in-one social media marketing tool.
  • Content Creation, Publishing, and Scheduling
  • RSS Feed Automation
  • Content Curation
  • In-depth Analytics & Reporting
  • Bulk Scheduling for both articles and images
  • Client and Team Management features
  • Intuitive Social Media Calendar
  • Browser extension for easy posting.
  • Facebook Ads Integration
  • Common Social Inbox
  • Flexible Pricing plans suitable for all.
  • Very good customer support.


  • No free plan available.
  • No native Instagram posting available. (done via Zapier Integration) 

SocialPilot Review - My Final Thoughts

Before answering the question of whether SocialPilot is  an effective and affordable Sprout Social Alternative, let’s first summarise the USP’s (Unique Selling Points) of SocialPilot:

  • Very Affordable All-in-one Social Media Marketing Tool starting at 30$/month.
  • More User-friendly  (UX/UI) than Sprout Social, Buffer, and Hootsuite
  • All the Features that you would expect in a social media automation tool
  • Smooth Client and Team Management Feature
  • Very Good Customer Support

With these unique USP's and benefits over its competitors, SocialPilot is definitely an affordable, effective, and user-friendly Sprout Social Alternative.

Should You Buy SocialPilot?

Without a doubt, YES!

No other social media provides these features at this very affordable price. And that is why everyone (including me) loves SocialPilot and I am sure that you would love it too.

However, while buying, you should also consider a disadvantage of SocialPilot not having a native Instagram publishing right now. Instagram publishing can be only done via a Zapier integration which takes less than a minute(steps included in the home dashboard). 

But considering the fact that SocialPilot offers all the features that other social media marketing tools provide at a very affordable price and with a user-friendly interface, you wouldn’t mind doing an additional operation/process!

Still Not Convinced?
Start your Free 14-day trial of SocialPilot - No Credit Card Required

SocialPilot Review - F.A.Q's

Yes, you can upgrade to a superior plan or downgrade as you wish.

You could also cancel your account anytime you wish.

SocialPilot provides reliable and fast customer service on multiple platforms like email, chat, mobile app and call (which you can schedule as per convenience).


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SocialPilot Review 2021 - An Affordable Sprout Social Alternative?
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