Creaite Review- Your Must Have Content Creation Tool!

Overall Rating- 4.9/5.0
Creaite is an AI-powered and Web-based Content Creation Tool that creates quality content in any major niche in under 90 seconds. Using Creaite, you could now generate high-quality and convincing content at minimal time and money.

Unique and human-like content, 70+ popular niches, multi-lingual content, Agency & Whitelabel features and much more.

Ease of Use

Very intuitive and user-friendly interface. WordPress plugin is available as an upgrade.


The most affordable yet effective content creation tool available in the market right now.


Warm and Quick Customer support accessible via Creaite dashboard.

Unique Selling Points (USPs)

Table of Contents

Hi there,

Welcome to my Creaite review. I’m very excited to have you here!

In this review article, you will be getting to know about a recently launched and must-have AI-powered content creation tool called Creaite.

If you have already come across Creaite and looking to know more about it, then you are in the right place too!

This Creaite Review article will be answering few common questions that you might have:

  1. Does Creaite actually create unique and naturally-written content?
  2. How does Creaite’s Artificial Engine Work to create quality content?
  3. Is Creaite affordable? How much does it cost?
  4. What are the various Creaite OTOs/upgrades and Upsells?
  5. Will Creaite suit my need/purpose?
  6. Is Creaite worth buying?
  7. And, various other doubts/queries related to Creaite.

Alright, let’s dive in.

Creaite Review - INTRODUCTION

Content is Still and Always be the KING!

Everyone one of us, particularly those in the digital landscape might have come across the saying “Content is King”

Bill Gates quoted this long back in 1996. But it still works in 2021. Moreover, it will also work for many more years to come. I, personally consider this quote to be eternal! I mean, it is impossible to imagine our digital marketing landscape without Content.  

Content Marketing is an integral part of every digital marketing campaign/channel/medium and allows you to achieve the following goals:

  • Provide Value to your audience
  • Build trust with your users
  • Drive more traffic to your blogs and social media channels
  • Get more subscribers i.e. returning users
  • Get more rankings
  • Generate Sales and eventually Profit
  • Build a strong and emotional relationship with your users, and
  • Much more.

Problems with Content Creation

Creating Content is not a difficult job, but creating engaging content certainly is!

In this digital world, your users are bombarded with information constantly. Therefore, it is of the highest importance to create high-quality and engaging content. 

But, creating quality content is a frustrating and never-ending process. Once started, you have to continue creating content after content to sustain and grow your website/brand/etc. 

Here some are common content creation problems that you have faced so far:

  • Had to spend most of your time on content creation and thus not having sufficient time for promoting/marketing it.
  • Had to spend big bucks on sourcing content creators to write quality content for you.

Time and Money are the two primary issues that you might face regarding content creation. But luckily, you have got Creaite to your rescue!


Creaite Review- What is Creaite?

Creaite is an AI-powered and Web-based Content Creation Tool that creates quality and unique content in any major niche in under 90 seconds. 

Creaite is one of the very few content creation tools which generate high-quality and naturally-written/convincing content. Moreover, it would be difficult to differentiate Creaite generated content from human/user-generated content.

Initially, when Joshua, the founder of Creaite claimed the same, I was not convinced at all. I mean, how could a software create human-like content? That’s quite impossible, right?

But I was proved wrong when I got to try an exclusive pre-launch copy of Creaite. I was blown off my chair after reading the content generated by it. It was so real! It was very much like the content that I used to sit for hours and write.

Moreover, using Creaite was very easy too. Let’s learn about the content creating process in the next section.


Using Creaite, you could generate quality human-like content in just three simple steps.

Step #1 -Login to Creaite Dashboard

Creaite Review- Your Must Have Content Creation Tool!

Creaite is a complete web/cloud-based content creation tool. So as long as you have a stable internet connection, you could use Creaite on any device. The first step is to log into your Creaite Dashboard.

Step #2 -Select Your Niche and Create Content

Creaite Review- Step 2

This is the exciting and important step where you will be telling Creaite on what niche you want it to create content for you.

All you have to do is to enter the following:

  • Select your main niche
  • Select your sub-niche
  • Provide only one starting prompt/seed sentence to let Creaite understand your content topic.

Every niche has tonnes of sub-niches which allows you to create content on specific topics.

After entering the details, hit Start to generate unique, human-like, and quality content.

Step #3 -Edit and Share Your Content

Creaite Review- Step 3

Now that you have your content ready, you have multiple options like:

  • Copy your article for external publishing
  • Edit and tweak your article based on your preference.
  • Post to WordPress
  • Download your article
  • Use Creative’s inbuilt sharing option to share your posts instantly. ( part of OTO/upgrade 3)
  • Group and organize your articles based on your niches, clients or sites.

It is that simple. Creating unique and quality content has never been this easy!

For more understanding regarding the working of Creaite, watch the demo video below.

Creaite Review -VIDEO DEMO

Watch Joshua Zamora, the founder of Creaite, demonstrate the Content Creation process of Creaite.

Creaite Review- CONTENT NICHES

Using Creaite, you could create unique and quality content in the following niches:

  1. Acne
  2. Anti-Aging
  3. Back Pain
  4. Beauty
  5. Build Muscle
  6. Depression
  7. Dental Care
  8. Affiliate Marketing
  9. Ecommerce
  10. Email Marketing
  11. SEO
  12. Video Marketing
  13. Web Design
  14. Accounting
  15. Advertising
  16. Customer Services
  17. Entrepreneurialism
  18. Marketing
  19. Agents/Realtors
  20. Buying
  21. Selling
  22. Foreclosures
  23. Criminal Law
  24. Family Law
  25. Personal Injury
  26. Exercise
  27. Hairloss
  28. Mental Health
  29. Quit Smoking
  30. Weight Loss
  31. Women Issues
  32. Yoga
  33. Divorce
  34. Marriage
  35. Online Dating
  36. Wedding
  37. Adventure Travel
  38. Airline Travel
  39. Outdoors
  40. Electrical
  41. Heating and Air Conditioning
  42. Interior Design
  43. Lighting
  44. Painting
  45. Pest Control
  46. Plumbing
  47. Roofing
  48. Day Trading
  49. Stocks
  50. Dogs, and much more 

These are the top 50 profitable niches that you can create content on using Creaite. All these niches have several sub-niches for you to choose from based on your topic needs.

Creaite currently has 70 niches included. Creaite will also be constantly adding new niches every month.

NOTE: Some of the niches can be unlocked only after purchasing OTOs/upgrades.


100% without a doubt.

Well, this Software is NOT a scam for sure. 

Creaite is a Content Creation Tool from Joshua Zamora who has many successful software launches like SyndBuddy, SyndLab, etc. on JVZOO. 

Therefore, the software is purely legit. Let’s now look at the claim of generating quality and unique content.

Does Creaite actually generate human-like Unique Content?

Yes, it certainly does. Why Believe Me?

Read some of the content that has been created using Creaite below. 


What is Immigration Law?


The Best Exercises For Lower Back Pain: 


Simple Steps To Stay Acne Free


A Progressive View of Rights


Affiliate Marketing – The Power of Word of Mouth


Email Copywriting – An Open Letter To Your Prospects


Double Money-Back Guarantee

moneyback guarantee

Well, for some reason, if you don’t like Creaite after using it, you could simply request a Double-Money Back within 30 days of purchase* i.e. you will get back twice the purchase amount!

Now, this is a clear indication of how confident the founders are in the capabilities of Creaite.


As an Affiliate Partners, Joshua (founder) has given me the special privilege to offer you 4 exclusive bonuses, if you happen to buy Creaite using my link.

Creaite Bonus #1- 25 Additional Niches

Bonus#1-Free 25 Additional Niches ($297 value)

Unlock 25 Additional Niches to write more quality content.

Creaite Bonus#2 - Agency license

Bonus#2-Free Agency Rights ($497 value)

Earn more money by creating and selling articles to your clients using Creaite's free Agency License.

Creaite Bonus#3 - Creaite Containers Feature Access

Bonus#3-Creaite Containers Feature Access($97 value)

Get Container feature access which allows you to organize and group your content into different containers based on niche, clients and sites.

Creaite Bonus #4- Containers Sub Access

Bonus#4-Creaite Containers Sub-Access($97 value)

This works hand-in-hand with the previous bonus. This bonus feature allows you to send a particular folder to your clients or to a Virtual Assistant who could then publish content on your behalf.

Bonuses will be automatically delivered/made available after your purchase. In rare cases, if it failed to deliver automatically, mail me your purchase receipt/confirmation mail to shakthi@digitalgarland.com. I will make sure that you get your exclusive bonuses as soon as possible.

Creaite Review- PRICING

Creaite is available for a limited period one-time price during this launch period. Act fast, otherwise, you would have to get it for a monthly recurring price.

Creaite comes in two different planes- Lite and Agency. Choose the plan that would suit you better by looking at their offering below. Among the two, the Agency plan is the popular and best value plan since you get more features at a reasonable price.

Creaite Lite

Limited Period One-time Offer
$ 48
one time
  • 15 credits (1 credit per article)
  • 15 of the most profitable niches
  • Bonus#1: Agency License
  • Bonus #2 Access to Containers Features
  • Bonus #3: Sub-access for Containers enabling free delivery

Creaite Agency

Limited Period One-time Offer
$ 50
one time
  • 50 credits (1 credit per article)
  • 50 of the most profitable niches
  • Bonus #1 : 25 additional Content Niches
  • Bonus#2: Agency License
  • Bonus #3 Access to Containers Features
  • Bonus #4: Sub-access for Containers enabling free delivery
Most Value

Use Coupon "ai5off" and Get $5 Offer

Limited Period Offer Only. ACT FAST.!

You can consider buying Creaite OTOs/upgrades if you want more features. More details about the same in the next section.

Creaite Review- OTOs/UPGRADES

To unlock all features and use Creaite to its full potential, you might have to purchase OTOs/upgrades.

Go through the various OTO/upgrade offerings below and select the ones you would need.

OTO 1 (1$ trial and then $47/m)

Creaite Agency +

  • Lock Monthly subscription at a special launch price
  • Unlock all the niches (70+) available right now.
  • New Niches added every month.
  1. Since Creaite works on a credit-based model, you have to subscribe monthly.
  2. Subscribe Now and lock your credits at a discounted price.

OTO 2 ($97 one-time)

Creaite Booster

[Unlock 3 powerful features]

  1. Hyperwriter- Write 5 articles at a time and make content creation more faster
  2. Q&A Writer - Create content around your user's pain-points. 
  3. Multi-lingual Content Writer - content creation in 12 popular languages
  • English, Spanish, Polish, German, French, Portuguese,
  • Portuguese (Brazilian), Italian, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese.

OTO 3 ($47 one-time)

Creaite Connect Plugin

Creaite Plugin for WordPress

  • Create and publish content directly on WordPress
  • Plugin Site License for Unlimited sites/clients

OTO 4 ($297 one-time)

Creaite WhiteLabel

[Add your own brand name logo to your service and plugin]

  • Your clients will not see Creaite branding anywhere.
  • Instead, you get to brand Creaite under your own name/logo.
  • Automatic WhiteLabel Updates included
  • Creaite Plugin Customer Support Included.

You will have to first purchase Creaite Lite/Agency first and then the OTOs/Upgrades. You will automatically be given the option to choose OTOs after the purchase.

Creaite Review - PROS & CONS


  • Unique and Human-like content creation under 90 seconds.
  • Content creation with minimal time, effort, and money.
  • Powerful Artificial Intelligence Engine that creates accurate and relevant content based on your selected niche.
  • Content creation on 70+ popular niches (with new niches added every month)
  • Software from a well-reputed and top 1% seller on JVZOO – Joshua Zamora 
  • WordPress plugin and built-in publishing options (included with upgrades)
  • 100% cloud based software
  • Free Agency License Included.
  • 30-day Double money-back guarantee.


  • No major cons reported so far.

Creaite Review - CONCLUSION

Content is King

As mentioned earlier, Content Marketing is mandatory if you are present online i.e. in the digital landscape. 

But what’s the point in spending your entire time and money on just one part of Content Marketing i.e. Content Creation? Content is going to bring you any results or profits unless you distribute and promote it.

Creaite allocates time for you to achieve that. Yes, Creaite not only produces unique and quality content but also allows you to create content with minimal time, effort and money.

Moreover, no other content creation tool comes at this affordable pricing. Yes, you need to buy the upgrades to unlock full potential but most of them can be purchased at a reasonable one-time price.

Given the potential, Creaite sales are going to blast off in the upcoming week. The demand will also increase. As a result, the special one-time offer will not last very soon. So ACT FAST before it’s too late.

Creaite is a must-have Content Creation Tool for anyone present online i.e. in the digital landscape.

Use Coupon "ai5off" and Get $5 Offer

Limited Period Offer Only. ACT FAST.!

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Creaite Review- Your Must Have Content Creation Tool!
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