7 Day Digital Landlord Review – Does This System Really Work For You As Well?

7 Day Digital Landlord Review

Welcome to my 7 Day Digital Landlord Review. You will get real value from this post.

7 Day Digital Landlord Review From Real User

Our Final Verdict on 7 Day Digital Landlord

7 Day Digital Landlord is a life-changing experience for me. It has helped me learn how to master create and rent storefronts, which have turned out to be an asset in my business as well as teaching me really cool stuff I never would’ve known otherwise. The quality of the training was great with clear presentations that were easy enough for even someone like me who lacks time management skills or technology know-how – no matter what your skill level this software will help you build the perfect digital store in just three clicks!






OVERALL: 4.5/5

7 Day Digital Landlord Review: The Pros and Cons


  • Easy to set up
  • No digital experience needed
  • The design did quickly! Have over 90+ stores to choose from.
  • Build and rent an unlimited number of digital storefronts
  • Training is truly awesome! 34 videos teaching you how to be a successful Digital Landlord member online.
  • Easy Point & Click Interface with multiple devices
  • Free hosting w/ unlimited bandwidth and storage for all storefronts
  • 30-day refund policy


  • No cons until now

What Is 7 Day Digital Landlord Exactly?

7 Day Digital Landlord is the world’s first turnkey ‘Digital Landlord Agency’ platform. It helps you to quickly build and rent ready-to-go ‘digital storefronts’ to businesses for 4 figure recurring rental payments in just a few clicks. This system has been tested and proven successful, which means that there are many success stories as well.

This system is a combination of training and software. You will get a new app called the “Rapid Store Builder”. This app lets you create digital storefronts for businesses that you can rent to people, and they will pay you money every month. They may pay up to $1,000 or more per month!

But you should know that it’s not just software. Peter and his team have designed the Digital Landlord Academy, a course that teaches members how to use this new software to earn an amazing income.

7 Day Digital Landlord Review - Does This System Really Work For You As Well?

7 Day Digital Landlord Review: The Product Overview

Product Name7 Day Digital Landlord
Product CreatorPeter & Todd Gross
Launch Date2021-Jul-12
Time of Launch11:00 EDT
Front End Price$37
SkillsAll Level
Refund30-day Moneyback
Official SiteClick Here
Product TypeCourse & Software
RecommendationHighly Recommended

7 Day Digital Landlord Review: What It Can Do For You?

  • Help you to speed up the process of building digital stores and generating income from it
  • Rent your digital storefront to local businesses for recurring 4 figure payments
  • Gives businesses with physical storefronts an easy way to create a digital presence online
  • Create an eCommerce site without any coding skills required
  • No more paying fees for listing website after website trying to find one that works
  • Earn recurring income from home without any technical or marketing experience necessary.
  • Step-by-step guide on how to get started with this 7-day digital landlord

7 Day Digital Landlord Review: How Does It Work?

  • Step 1: Launch your thriving business in 5 minutes or less with the “Ready-to-Rent” storefront designs. Choose from over 90+ most profitable and trending small businesses that are the hottest right now, just by selecting a few clicks of mouse.
  • Step 2: Rent out your storefront and start generating recurring revenue by selecting from a virtually unlimited supply of 125+ million small businesses who need & want to offer touchless online ordering to their customers!
  • Step 3: Rinse and repeat as many times as you want. That way, your monthly recurring revenue will go up by renting to more businesses and helping them earn more money.
7 Day Digital Landlord Review - Does This System Really Work For You As Well?

7 Day Digital Landlord Review: Why This System?

The pandemic is still continuing. In order for small businesses to survive, they need to show their online presence. How they show their online presence? How they transform their physical store to online? That’s why a 7-day digital landlord comes in.

This system allows you to build highly professional digital storefronts for any business. You can rent them and charge recurring payments from your clients.

It is the best solution in terms of transforming any physical store into an eCommerce store with no technical knowledge required on your part! All you have to do is choose one of the templates, it will take care of everything – including hosting, domain name registration, SSL certificate installation, security protection, etc.

Renting a 7-day digital landlord store will allow you to save time, money, and resources that would otherwise be wasted on building an eCommerce website from scratch or hiring someone else who does not know what they are doing.

This is the only way for you to start your own digital storefront on the internet. It’s easy and takes just a few clicks, so you can create an income for yourself.

7 Day Digital Landlord’s Software

There are many difficulties when you try to create a website and anyone can experience the same issues. For example, it takes hours of time investment just to design your site from scratch without having any background in web designing which means that there is no guarantee for an appealing or user-friendly result at all! One would never be able to test their own designs until they launch them on live internet sites- meaning one could only hope for good fortune.

Key Features:

  • Access for life to “The digital landlord academy”
  • Automatic rental scripts
  • You can use your domain name (or that of your client)
  • Free hosting with unlimited bandwidth and storage for all storefronts – for life!
  • Free “Storefront guard dog technology”
  • Optional SSL certificate
  • Design flexibility at its best
  • Rapid ranking technology – provides an advantage over other google search results providers
  • Convert any existing wordpress or Wix website into a digital storefront easily
  • Automated creation of mobile-friendly storefronts – increases conversions
  • Easy point and click interface with multiple device views to simplify storefront editing
  • Digital storefront eCommerce technology is built-in for online ordering.
  • Unlimited products available
  • Video backgrounds
  • Social media links
  • Professional customization with custom CSS and javascript
  • The industry’s fastest page load speeds
  • There are no recurring fees
7 Day Digital Landlord Review

7 Day digital landlord’s store builder technology is the perfect solution for landlords who want to set up online storefronts for businesses. 7 Day Digital Landlord offers professional-looking templates that can be easily customized without any coding skills required, which means it’s ideal for those looking to get started with a low budget and no technical knowledge of building websites or developing apps.

These templates are perfect for business owners. They’re so professional that even if you don’t sell anything to them, they’ll be happy with it because of the quality! You can completely customize everything as you can below. You can change the header, footer, you can set up an affiliate program and anything.

7 Day Digital Landlord Review

The “PRO License” lets you build an unlimited number of storefronts. You can make as many pages and products as you want for your store. You can sell to all of the clients that come in, no matter how many there are. And you have unlimited earning potential!

7 Day Digital Landlord Academy

7 Day Digital Landlord Review

7 Day Digital Landord’s training is one of the most comprehensive in this system. This training itself sold for $497 through private webinars. As a 7-day digital landlord customer, you will get this training is free of cost.

What you will learn from the 7-day digital landlord academy?

  • Module 1: Mission Overview
  • Lesson 1: Discover: The Digital Landlord Method
  • Module 2: The 48 Hr Client Machine
  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1: Prepare: High Level Overview
  • Lesson 2: Discover: The Perfect Digital Storefront Client
  • Build Your List Of Prospects
  • Lesson 3: Conduct: Sniper List Building
  • Lesson 4: Prepare: The Helpful Reporter Script V3
  • Lesson 5: Setup: Your Calendar Booking System
  • Follow Up & Lock Down The “YES!”
  • Lesson 6: Follow Up and Lock Down: The YES
  • Lesson 7: Build: A Lead Pipeline System
  • Closing The Deal
  • Lesson 8: Conduct: The Rapid Onboarding Call
  • Lesson 9: Rapid Onboarding Call Examples Overview
  • Rapid Onboarding Call Example 01: High End Auto Detailer
  • Rapid Onboarding Call Example 02: Solo Plumber
  • Rapid Onboarding Call Example 03: Plastic Surgeon
  • STOP: Checkpoint #1
  • Module 2: Action Steps Step 1: Create your “Perfect Client List”. NOTE: This is your …
  • Module 3: The Mini Storefront Campaign
  • Build Your Mini Storefront Offer & Ad
  • Lesson 2: Build: The Mini Storefront Offer
  • Lesson 3: Build: The Mini Storefront Ad Copy Template 1: The Local Tripwire Offer
  • Lesson 4: Build: The Mini Storefront Ad Copy Template 2: The Local High Ticket Offer
  • Lesson 5: Build: The Rubberneck Creative
  • Setup The Mini Storefront Campaign
  • Lesson 6: Setup FB Business Manager
  • Lesson 7: Prepare: FB Ads Manager Tour
  • Lesson 8: Build: The Mini Storefront Campaign
  • Deliver Customers & Capture Proof
  • Lesson 9: Build: The Customer Delivery Mechanism
  • Lesson 10: Prepare: Your Client For Success
  • Lesson 10: Maximizing Results & Capturing Proof
  • STOP: Checkpoint #2
  • Module 3: Action Steps Step 1: Finalize The Mini Storefront Offer. NOTE: Do additional market res…
  • Module 4: The Automatic Upsell
  • The Honeymoon Call
  • Lesson 2: Conduct: The Honeymoon Call
  • Honeymoon Call: Example 1
  • Honeymoon Call: Example 2
  • Collecting Payment & Managing Clients
  • Lesson 3: Collect: Payment & Onboard Client
  • Lesson 4: Setup: Trello for Project Management
7 Day Digital Landlord Review - Does This System Really Work For You As Well?

Renting 7 Day Digital Landlord Storefronts

7 Day Digital Landlord Review

7 Day Digital Landlord not only provides you with access to the store builder software for your own business but also allows you to build sites either on behalf of yourself or someone else. You can ask these clients who are paying monthly recurring payments like $1000 a month if they would be interested in selling their site and making quick cash online – just as easily as maintaining it themselves!

Imagine if you could lease a store for $1000, and 10 stores would bring in about $10,000 per month. This is just an example of what your income might be like depending on the niche that you’re entering into. For instance, real estate business owners will likely pay more than this- say maybe around $2000 or so?

7 Day Digital Landlord Client Getting Strategy

7 Day Digital Landlord Review

With the front-end training, you will learn how to get clients without meeting them. You will find out where and what kind of free resources are available online, and who is the best target market. The client-building course teaches you how to find new prospects no matter your industry or niche with a strong focus on finding clients online.

One of their upsells has a powerful Youtube ad set-up training. The person will show you how to set up your own simple, but effective and profitable video ads on YouTube that can generate clients 24/7 with the click of an autopilot button!

7 Day Digital Landlord Inside View

I’ve got the front end, and all those upgrades too! Once you log in to this system, your centralized dashboard will show everything from purchases and access details with just a few clicks.

Clicking “view product” will take you to the destination page. For example, if you want to access a digital store builder software just click view product and it’ll redirect you there.

Let me show you the inner workings of this system in my upcoming 7 Day Digital Landlord review.

7 Day Digital Landlord Review
7 Day Digital Landlord Review - Does This System Really Work For You As Well?

7 Day Digital Landlord Review: The Best Features

Flawless Responsive Design On ANY Device:

Your storefront is automatically created with a desktop and mobile-friendly layout. Your visitors will have an easy time navigating your site, which means more conversions!

Fastest Page Load Speeds In The Industry:

With Mobile Priority Indexing Technology, your Storefront has the ability to rank higher on Google search results than other sites that are built with WordPress or Wix. This will help you outrank your competitors and reduce bounce rate while increasing conversions so tenants want to stay for life!

FREE “Storefront Guard Dog Technology”:

Every Storefront comes pre-loaded with unmatched storefront security and protection, which makes it virtually unhackable! This means you can say goodbye to hacked WordPress sites. You’ll never go a day without your business having live websites that are making money for you.

FREE Rapid Ranking Technology:

Every storefront comes pre-loaded with our “rapid ranking technology” which helps it rank in the google search results fast! This increases the perceived value of your storefront and gives you an edge over their competitors, allowing you to charge more while they continue working hard for traffic.

Custom CSS & Javascript for Professional Customization:

Convert your clients’ websites into digital storefronts in a few clicks! This means you can charge higher upfront “setup fees” to convert an existing, outdated website. The conversion only takes five minutes of work (don’t worry – we won’t tell them), and they’ll be able to offer their products through the store’s eCommerce platform so customers are buying directly from them.

Rapid Storefront Conversion:

Convert any existing WordPress or Wix website to a Digital Storefront in just a few clicks! You can charge more than an “up-front setup fee” for your client’s old and outdated websites by converting them into digital storefronts with only 5 minutes of work.

FREE Hosting – FOR LIFE:

The Pro Version lets you keep 100% of the profits from each Storefront that you rent out. This means on top of saving thousands in hosting fees, your store will be able to reach more customers because it won’t have any bandwidth or storage limitations like regular versions do!

NO recurring fees:

Renting out a storefront has never been more profitable! With our one-time investment, you’ll be saving thousands of dollars per year on monthly fees. This means that the money your make from each store will go straight to you and not someone else like other platforms charge for their services – making it viable in just day 1.

How Is 7 Day Digital Landlord Better?

Premium Software Included:

7 Day Digital Landlord is a revolutionary, innovative program that offers you the tools to create and build your own store for any business. You can rent these to make $1000 each month per store. You can have ANY theme you want and get it done quickly. In just one click, your storefront design is ready to go! You’ll be able to provide a wide variety of services with this tool because there are over 90+ stunning designs that will fit any niche out there.

In-depth Training:

The training is truly awesome! You have over 34 different videos teaching you how to become a successful digital landlord member online using various strategies and methods free of cost.

The Product Creator Using This System:

Ever since the creator of 7-day digital landlord realized that he could make his own money from creating digital storefronts, it’s been nothing but a whirlwind. Thinking up new ideas for more stores and getting them created in record-breaking time is no hassle at all!

No Need To Meet Clients:

It’s possible to find high-paying clients from the comfort of your own home, without ever having to leave. No matter where you’re located in this world; it will work for you and make a difference!

Who Is This 7 Day Digital Landlord For?

  • Marketers: If you are a marketer, and want to make money during this pandemic by selling digital storefronts to local businesses, then this is the perfect system for you. You don’t need any skills.
  • Entrepreneurs: If you’re an entrepreneur and want to live in the fast-paced world of eCommerce, then this innovative system will help you rent out stores to any business.
  • Agencies: There is a whole new market out there for agency and local marketers. If you are in the business of businesses, then now you can also sell or rent high-quality websites to your existing clients either as an upsell or first service.

The Benefits of Using 7 Day Digital Landlord

  • 7 Day Digital Landlord is a time-saver because it allows you to build and manage your own store in just a few clicks.
  • It offers the best design for any business out there with over 90+ designs to choose from.
  • You won’t have to learn how to create your own shop before it gives you tools that do all of the work for you!
  • Easy to set up. No digital experience is needed.
  • Training is truly awesome! 34 videos teaching you how to be a successful Digital Landlord member online.
  • You can start with small and grow to earn 6-figure or even more income online
  • The training also helps you get clients on autopilot through simple Youtube ads
7 Day Digital Landlord Review - Does This System Really Work For You As Well?

7 Day Digital Landlord OTO’s & Pricing Details

The Front End: 7 Day Digital Landlord PRO License

  • You can build and rent unlimited numbers of digital storefronts for clients or yourself
  • You have 100+ stunning storefront niche designs to choose from, and they are ready to be deployed in just one click

OTO1: 7 Day Digital Landlord – The Food Delivery Hero

  • 20 NEW niche designs for “Restaurant Shopfront”
  • Online food ordering and delivery system that is powerful
  • Restaurants can no longer rely on costly food delivery apps such as Postmates, Grubhub and UberEats. These apps take 15%-30% of restaurant profits.
  • Finally! Customers can now offer their own food ordering and delivery systems to restaurants, which will save them thousands of dollars.

OTO2: 7 Day Digital Landlord – The Realtor Hero

  • 4 new niche designs for “Real estate storefront”
  • A powerful real estate management, marketing and listing system
  • Tens of thousands of americans are flooding into the market to get their first real estate experience. However, most don’t know how to market, list and manage their properties, and have no online presence.
  • Finally! You will have the opportunity to profit from the red hot housing market by renting “Real estate shopfronts” to the tens or thousands of hungry new agents flooding the market now!

OTO3: 7 Day Digital Landlord – The YouTube Client Induction System

  • Peter’s coaching program is normally priced between $997 and $5,000
  • Their team will help you design, build, and launch a high-converting YouTube advertising campaign that generates high-paying client leads 100% on autopilot
  • You will be instantly recognizable and positioned as the expert in their field

OTO4: 7 Day Digital Landlord

  • With this upgrade, your can launch their digital landlord business confidently with done for you marketing and sales tools that build trust and convert prospects into paying clients like.
  • 2x “Agency Storefront” niche designs
  • Done For You client getting video advertisement
  • High-ticket sales script + training
  • Proposal and invoice systems
  • Done for you agency contract

About The Creator

7 Day Digital Landlord Review

Peter had always been a creative person and aspired to design buildings. But after he found himself unsatisfied with his job designing the insides of office spaces, Peter decided it was time for him to follow his passion by starting an agency that would make sure clients’ outlying marketing needs were met too.

The now successful entrepreneur has generated millions in sales across every industry imaginable since founding PETA Marketing Agency in 2009, all thanks to their powerful advertising techniques which have helped entrepreneurs from around the world grow their businesses exponentially over recent years.

After spending years perfecting his system, he is now launching 7 Day Digital Landlord to the public for the first time online. People can learn from him and start their own digital agency within just a few days of following these simple steps with this new course.

The Conclusion

With a 7 Day Digital Landlord, you can make money from each of your stores. You also get the design done quickly and have over 90+ stores to choose from. It’s easy to set up and the training is truly awesome! With 34 different videos teaching you how to become a successful digital landlord member online using various strategies and methods free of cost, it’s possible for the anyone-no matter where they’re located in this world to find high-paying clients without ever having to leave home. If all that sounds too good to be true, then let us show you why we are so confident our program will work for you.

7 Day Digital Landlord FAQ

How Many Digital Stores You Can Create?

The PRO License unlocks the potential for you to build and rent an unlimited number of storefronts with unlimited pages, products, clients in a chance at earning more.

How Is A “digital Storefront” Different From A Website, Which Most Businesses Already Have?

With the recent advancements of technology, many businesses are now turning to an online storefront rather than a standard website. These digital storefronts offer customers more ways to interact with products because they can order and pay for them in just one click! For example, most websites only have contact information or social media links but with these new developments, there are also “Touchless Online Ordering Capabilities” that allow customers to shop for items/services as well as having their purchase delivered right at their doorstep within minutes without ever leaving home.

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