Email Videos Pro Review- Add Videos and Boost Your Emails!

Overall Rating- 4.6/5.0
Email Videos Pro is one of its kind Video Email Marketing Software using which you can easily embed videos to your email and boost your user engagement, lead generation, and sales conversions.

500 DFY Stock Video Templates, 3 step video embed process,All major Autoresponder integrations, Free Commercial License and much more.

Ease of Use

Very Intuitive and Beginner Friendly Interface. Anyone can start using the software in a very short period of time.


Definitely worth of its price of 48$. Moreover, you have to pay only once i.e. no monthly recurring payments (limited period only)


Fast and Reliable Customer Support via Email and Call. Support can be accessed via software dashboard itself.

Use Coupon ‘EVP2’ and get a 2$ Offer!

2 Exclusive Bonuses &14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Hey guys,

Shakthi here and I am very excited to write about another revolutionary and powerful software which I happened to try very recently, called Email Videos Videos Pro.

In this review article, I will be explaining the significance, working, features, and my personal feedback on using Email Videos Pro. As an affiliate, I will also be providing you with Exclusive Bonuses if you happen to buy Email Video Pro using my link!

So, without any further adieu, let dive into my Email Videos Pro Review.

Email Videos Pro Review - INTRODUCTION

Using a Video in an email could lead to a 200-300% boost in Click-Through Rates (CTR)


Without a doubt, Email Marketing is one of the oldest and efficient digital marketing strategies. Emails are also the cheapest means to reach out to your customers. 

Due to the fact emails are cheap and effective at the same time, every brand and marketer are using emails as one of the primary digital marketing medium. As a result, users get an overwhelming quantity of promotional emails every day. This information/email overload has resulted in the reduction of email open rates and click-through rates.

In simpler words, it has become quite challenging to capture your user’s engagement via emails.

So, it has now become mandatory for your emails to be more unique and captivating for your users. This is only possible by creating more engaging email content. And how do you do that? Simple, by using Videos in your email!

An Estimate of about 90% of current day Marketers use Videos in their Marketing Campaigns.


Yes, Video content is proven to bring more user engagement and marketing results than any other content format. So imagine how dope and successful your marketing campaign would be when you are using the best content format(videos) with the best marketing medium (emails)!

Unfortunately, there are no cost-effective and user-friendly means of embedding videos into your emails. Therefore, only big brands were able to leverage the potential of video email marketing.

But luckily, Mario Brown, the founder of Email Videos Pro, understood this drawback that every marketer/brand like you and I face and developed a video email marketing software using which you can easily embed videos into your emails!

So, with that brief introduction, let now see what’s Email Video Pro is all about!

What is Email Videos Pro?

Email Videos Pro Review

Email Video Pro is the first of its kind Video Email Software using which you can easily embed videos into your emails and boost your email open rate, click-through rates, user engagement, lead generation, sales conversions, and hence marketing profits.

Email Videos Pro is by itself not an Email Marketing Software but it works in conjunction with all major autoresponders. This video email creation software actually helps in generating video embed codes (after you upload a video) which can be then used in your emails via autoresponders. 

This Video Email Marketing Software comes with a variety of features like DFY stock video templates, Video optimization based on device and network quality, free commercial license, and much more. Email Videos Pro also comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. 

Email Video Pro Review-About The Founder

Mario Brown is a very reputed developer on JVZOO and has launched several top-selling Digital Marketing Softwares like ADA Leadz (ADA Compliance Audit Software), ViidCloud (super-fast, and ad-less video hosting platform), and many more.

Watch the incredible story of Mario Brown in the video below:

Watch what Mario Brown’s Customers feel about his Products below:

How does Email Video Pro Work?

Setting-up and using Email Video Pro is very easy. Moreover, you could send high-performing video emails in just 3 simple steps:

Step #1 - Upload Video

Email Videos Pro Review- Add Videos and Boost Your Emails!

To start with, simply upload your video into Email Videos Pro Software. If you do not have a video yet, no worries. You could choose from an in-built library of 500 stock videos from different niches.

You could also add videos from leading platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, and Wistia by just feeding the respective links.

Step #2 - Customize

Email Videos Pro Working - STEP #2

Now, customize your videos as you wish within few clicks! 

You could add Call-to-Action (CTA) using the built-in drag and drop editor. You could also add text, images, shapes, trim videos, etc. 

Step #3 - Embed and Send

Email Videos Pro Working - STEP #3

Now that you have uploaded and customized your video, you could get the embed code in just a click and use the same in your emails via autoresponders. Irrespective of what device your users use, videos will be automatically optimized and shown.

Send your video emails and convert your users into customers!

From the images and steps above, you would have also observed how easy it is to use Email Videos Pro. Literally, anyone without any technical skill can start sending video emails within minutes.

Email Videos Pro Review - VIDEO DEMO

Watch Email Video Pro in live-action using the video below.

Email Videos Pro Review - FEATURES

Email Videos Pro is packed with many powerful features that makes it one of the best video email marketing software. Let’s take a take at some key features in detail.

Insert & Embed Any Videos

Yes, you heard me right. Email Videos Pro can work with any of your video content. 

You could either upload your own video or use the readymade premium stock videos available for you in different niches. 

You also have the luxury to pull videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Dropbox, and Wistia by just feeding their respective links.

The embed code can be generated in just a click and the same can be used wherever you want on your email marketing campaigns.

Watchable/Optimized for Any Device/Network Quality

The videos that you embed, irrespective of their dimensions can be viewed by your users on any device.

Email Videos Pro automatically optimized your video content based on the user’s device to enrich the viewing experience. 

Email Videos Pro also monitors the quality of your user’s internet connection and delivers video emails accordingly. This ensures a personalized video email delivery for better user experience with your email content.

Integration with All Major Autoresponders

Integration with Major Autoresponders

Email Video doesn’t send emails for you. It just enables you to generate a video embed code that works in all major autoresponders. This integration is so seamless allowing you to add videos to your emails by using a quick point and click process.

500 Done-For-You Video Templates

Email Videos Pro comes with 500 Exclusive and readymade stock video templates from 100 hot niches. Using this feature, you could now send unlimited video emails even if you don’t have your own videos!

Moreover, these stock videos are fully editable and have pre-loads voice-overs.

In-Depth Tracking and Analysis

Email Videos Pro also allows you to track your user’s interaction with the video content. Using this feature, you could figure out how well people are engaging with your video emails in real-time.

Free Commercial License (Limites Period Offer)

Yes, you heard me right. 

Email Videos Pro comes with a free Commercial License using which you can earn money by running video email marketing campaigns for your clients.

Other Important Features

  • Customize Your Video Length
  • Video Play-Loop
  • Enable/Disable Users to Download Your Videos
  • Play Video on Loop
  • Sophisticated and Beginner-Friendly Interface
  • Professional Tutorials – Expert tips and tricks.
  • Step-by-Step Training Included
  • 24/7 Customer Support via email and call.
  • Frequent and Automatic Updates
  • Cloud-Based Software- No installation or updates!

WILL Email Videos Pro SUIT YOU?

Well, if you are looking to benefit from video email marketing, then DEFINITELY YES!

The following people/niche need Email Videos Pro, the most:

  • Product Creators – to showcase their new products/features.
  • Video Marketers – to promote their video ads
  • Digital Product Sellers – to show a demo of their products
  • Affiliate Marketers – To promote affiliate products
  • Freelancers –to run efficient video email marketing campaigns.
  • Restaurants – Showcase their kitchen, ambiance, food, etc. 
  • Hotels – to showcase their property, facilities, rooms, restaurants, etc.
  • Salons– to promote new offers/services.
  • Influencers – to promote new videos
  • Designers – to showcase their new designs, end of season sales, etc.
  • Vloggers – to share and promote their new vlog
  • Spas – to showcase their ambiance and services
  • Youtubers – to share their new videos
  • Dentists/Vets– to showcase their clinics
  • Architects– to showcase their products
  • Chiropractors – to send customer testimonials
  • Interior Designers– to showcase their work
  • Car Dealers – to showcase their collection and announce new offers
  • Life Coaches – to promote their events
  • Realtors – to showcase their new properties
  • Gyms – to showcase their facilities and customer testimonials
  • Musicians – to promote their work and live events
  • Clubs – to promote special deals 
  • And Many More!

These are just a few niches that could benefit from video email marketing using Email Videos Pro. Generally, anyone from any niche who are looking to boost their email marketing profits using video emails can try Email Video Pro.

If you run an agency that provides digital marketing or email marketing service in specific, then you must consider trying Email Videos Pro!

Email Video Pro Review - EXCLUSIVE BONUSES

As an affiliate for Email Videos Pro, Mario Brown (the founder) has given me the option to offer You 2 Exclusive Bonuses! 

Email Videos Pro Review- Add Videos and Boost Your Emails!

Bonus #1 - Vidspark

Vidspark is a drag and drop Video Creation App using which you can create engaging videos for your Email Videos Pro's video email marketing campaigns. This is definitely a very useful bonus that you might need with Email Videos Pro. This in fact eliminates the need for you to hire or source out converting videos for your video email marketing campaigns.

Email Videos Pro - Exclusive Bonus 2

Bonus #2- SnapiShop

SnapiShop is a smart and cloud-based Affiliate Store Builder. You can use this bonus software along with Email Videos Pro to boost your Affiliate Sales and Profits.

After Purchase, if you have any issues with the delivery of your Exclusive Bonuses, kindly forward your purchase receipt/confirmation mail to shakthi@digitalgarland.com. I will make sure that you get your bonuses as soon as possible.

Email Video Pro Review - PRICING

Email Video Pro

With Free Commercial License (Limited Period Offer)
$ 48 One-Time Price
  • Play Videos Inside Emails
  • 100% Cloud Based
  • Built-in Video Editor
  • Upload Your Own Video
  • Upload from Youtube,Vimeo, Wistia,etc.
  • Customize Videos For Clients
  • HD Stock Video Library Included
  • HD Stock Video Library Included
  • DFY Niche Videos Included
  • 10 Autoresponder Integrations
  • Use Any Video Styles
  • Ultra fast Server speed and Play time
  • Intuitive and User Friendly Software
  • Auto Convert To Video Gif
  • Massive Boost in Clicks and Traffic
  • Send 500 Video/ month
  • Commercial Rights Included


Email Videos Pro Unlimited

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Video Emails
  • Use your Own Branding
  • 30 Extra DFY Niche Videos
  • 250 Extra HD Stock Videos 
  • One-time Payment (no monthly recurring)
  • And Much More...

Email Videos Pro Elite

  • Play Longer Videos
  • Custom Player Controls
  • Built-in SEO Optimization
  • Extra 50 Autoresponder Integration
  • 50 Reseller Licenses
  • Advanced Tracking and Stats
  • 500 HD Stock Videos
  • 5 Team Member Access and much more...

Advanced Agency Features

Email Videos Pro Agency Kit

  • Complete DFY Agency Package To Sell Email Videos Services to your clients.
  • Ready-Made Agency Website 
  • Professional DFY Email Proposals
  • Converting Telemarketing Scripts
  • Printable Commercial Graphic Templates
  • Stunning Facebook Ads Creative
  • Optimized Cold Email Sequence
  • Business Card & Brochures
  • DFY Ads & Banners
  • DFY Contract & Client Agreement
  • Sales Script, Email Swipes
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • And Much more...

You will first have to buy Email Videos Pro in order to buy the Product Upgrades. When you buy Email Videos Pro, you will be automatically asked to choose the required updates.


Well, you could not only earn money by running video email marketing campaigns for your clients, but also by selling Email Videos Pro Software itself!

Yes, Using Email Videos Pro’s WhiteLabel License, you could buy 50 or even unlimited licenses at a very small price and sell them at any price you wish. Moreover, you get to keep 100% of the profits!

Some Key Features of Email Video Pro WHITE LABEL are:

  • Rebrand and use your own logo while selling
  • Use your own custom Domain
  • Add, Delete and Manage Clients
  • Sell at whatever price you wish and keep 100% of your profits.

Given the potential value proposition of Email Videos Pro, many people would be interested in buying this software. You could leverage this potential and earn passive income by selling Email Videos Pro as your very own. 

NOTE:You will first have to buy Email Videos Pro in order to buy the WHITE LABEL Licenses.

Email Videos Pro Review - PROS & CONS


  • First-of-its-Kind Video Email Marketing/Creation Software
  • From a very reputed Developer – Mario Brown.
  • User-Friendly and Intuitive Interface
  • Upload and Customize any Video
  • 1-Click  Video Embed and Send
  • Integration with all major Autoresponders
  • Pull and Use Videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc.
  • Video Optimization based on Device and quality of network connection.
  • Done For You Stock Videos from multiple niches.
  • In-built Video Editor to add CTA, images, text, shapes, etc. to your videos
  • In-Depth Tracking & Analysis
  • Step-by-Step Training Included
  • 24/7 Customer Support 
  • 14-days Money-back Guarantee.


  • Certain features can be unlocked only after purchasing upgrades. For eg., you get only 10 Autoresponder integrations with Front End and You have to purchase an Elite upgrade to unlock 40 more.

Email Videos Pro Review - CONCLUSION

Should You Buy Email Videos Pro?


Email Videos Pro is an unique and much-needed software to make your email marketing campaign more profitable. Using Email Videos Pro, you could upload videos and generate embed codes effortlessly which can be further used in your video email marketing campaigns via autoresponders.

The interface of Email Videos Pro is very intuitive and user friendly. So it would quite easy for anyone to start creating video email marketing campaigns almost instantly. 

Email Videos Pro comes with all the necessary features you would need. With features like DFY template videos, you could run a profitable video email campaign even without needing to have a video!

As an affiliate, I offer you 2 Exclusive Bonuses that you can claim after purchasing Email Videos Pro using my link below!

Moreover, Email Videos Pro comes with a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee. So, it is only a loss if you do not try out this potential email video marketing software.

Use Coupon 'EVP2' and Get 2$ Offer!

Exclusive Bonuses and Free Commercial License

Email Videos Pro Review - F.A.Q's

Without a Question YES!

Email Videos Pro is very easy to use, thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Moreover, Email Videos Pro comes with a step-by-step tutorial videos.

I can vouch that there is 99% chance for you liking Email Videos Pro.

Very rarely, and for some reasons if don't like Email Videos Pro, then you can request for a refund within 14-days of purchase.


Email Videos Pro is a complete Cloud Based (web based) software. You could simply access it by logging on from any device/operating system.



As a special limited period offer, you can buy Email Video Pro for a very small one-time payment of 48$ ! Hurry up. Use Coupon 'EVP2' and get 2$ Offer.

If you have any queries whatsoever, you could simply contact customer support from your Email Videos Pro Dashboard.

Moreover, Email Videos Pro comes with a step-by-step tutorial videos.


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Email Videos Pro Review- Add Videos and Boost Your Emails!
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