DoodleMaker Review – The Best tool for Creating Engaging Doodle Videos

DOODLEMAKER REVIEW - The Must Have Content Creation Tool

Product Rating- 4.7/5

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DoodleMaker is a breakthrough doodle video creation tool that helps you to create captivating doodle videos which, will in turn increase you website/app traffic, conversions and sales. 

DoodleMaker Review- What are Doodle Videos?

Video is one of the most efficient means of communicating with your audience and it is proved to have high engagement rates than other content formats like photos, carousel, text etc. Many brands and companies have leveraged this advantage in their marketing campaigns to create awareness about their brand/products to their potential customers. So, if you want to create an engaging content and reach your potential audience, then you must have a video content in your blog or website.

Among the various types of animated marketing and training videos, Doodle videos are found to have the highest engagements rates. Doodle videos are unique animated videos where a hand drawing animation/cartoon narrates the video with your voice/voiceover in the background. These doodle videos are also referred to as whiteboard animation  videos and have the following advantages:

Increases Online Traffic and Click through Rates Drastically

Doodle videos have found to have  increased visitors and Click Through Rates than traditional animated videos. 

DoodleMaker Review-Benefits of Doodle Videos
DoodleMaker Review-Benefits of Doodle Videos

Helps to Capture and Keep User Attention

As per Dr. Richard Wiseman, highly regarded science and psychology professor, doodle Videos are found to have 15% more user attention than other video formats like live narrative film.

Helps to Naturally Boost Conversions and Increase Sales

Doodle videos have found to produce 9X higher conversions and 2X higher sales than any other animated video formats.

DoodleMaker Review-Benefits of Doodle Videos
DoodleMaker Review-Benefits of Doodle Videos

Helps in Passively Growing Your Business

Doodle videos are likely to be shared by 3X times with 32% increase in offer referrals.

Even though animated doodle videos have superior benefits over other video content formats, only a handful of people use it because of the following problems:

  • Doodle Creation is not easy and it requires great skill and time.
  • Due to the demands for Doodle Videos, outsourcing costs have considerably increased. Hence Doodle Creation is costly as well.
  • Even if you try to make a doodle video, you have to buy expensive and complex doodle video maker software and tools.
  • Also, most of the doodle video maker apps/tools have limited features and are priced very high.
  • Even if you tolerate everything and proceed further, you could end up taking hours and days to produce  even an 1 minute doodle video.

DoodleMaker Review - WHAT IS DOODLEMAKER?

DoodleMaker is a next generation doodle creation software that helps you create studio quality doodle videos in just 3 simple steps. DoodleMaker is powered by Futuristic Artificial Intelligence Technology which enables you to easily convert any text or content into attractive and engaging doodle videos.

DoodleMaker is incorporated with many award winning technologies like Unlimited Text-To-Speech, Language Transition, Fully Loaded Asset Library, and much more to make your doodle creation process easy and seamless. 

The key takeaway of this DoodleMaker tool is that it is very simple to use unlike other existing complex doodle making tools. Hence, if if you are new to doodle creation, you could easily learn and adapt to the working interface of DoodleMaker almost instantly. 

DoodleMaker Review - HOW DOODLEMAKER WORKS ?

DoodleMaker Review-DoodleMaker Steps

As said earlier, DoodleMaker works in just 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Select

  • Select what type of canvas/background you need i.e. whiteboard, blackboard, glassboard or custom background canvas.
  • There are more than 300 starter templates available for each category. You could choose any of them or start from the scratch.
  • If you want to repurpose your existing content and convert them into doodle videos, simply feed the file, content or the You-Tube URL link to start Doodle Creation.

Step 2 : Doodle

  • You are provided with endless customization options which you could play around.
  • Change images, insert logos, change font, change color, etc. by just simple clicks.
  • You could also select any language, voice and add a soundtrack to your doodle video.
  • Moreover, doodle video maker templated come with images and voices for your required niche and you just click them to customize

Step 3 : Profit

  • Since you have created a professional standard doodle video within minutes, the next step is to start sharing the doodle video on your platforms.
  • Start to get conversions and sales using this engaging and attractive doodle video. i.e. Capture, Convert and Profit!


Let’s take a look at all the features this DoodleMaker provided to you to create an engaging and professional quality doodle video: 

DoodleMaker Review-Doodlemaker Features

Select from more than 300 readymade templates

Based on your Niche and Industry, you could start from more than 300 template options each for whiteboard, blackboard and glassboard doodle videos. Each template has its built it voice overs, images, etc. which makes your doodle creation process much easier. Moreover, these templates can be easily edited based on your needs with limitless customization options.  

Human Style Text-To Speech in more than 60 languages

Choose voices from more than 60 languages and reduce the cost of hiring a voiceover artist. Moreover, the male and female voices are very natural/realistic and you could also choose a particular accent for the voice based on your preference. Hence, there is no need for you to go in front as well as behind the camera for voiceover during the Doodle Creation process.

Video Transition in Single Click

Suppose you have finished creating you doodle video in English, and want to do the same in other languages for global reach, you need not repeat the process. You could use the Doodle Video Maker’s one click transition engine to easily change to as many languages as you want.

Switch between Formats within seconds

Similar to language transition, you could switch from different formats like whiteboard, blackboard and glassboard with just a click.

In-App Voice Recording

Incase if you prefer to use your own voice for doodle videos, you have an in-app provision for the same. You could record your voice and use it wherever you want in the video. You could also use a combination of your own voice and the pre recorded voice to show some differentiation in your doodle videos.

Tons of High Quality Icons and Images

Finding a relevant image and icon is always a hectic process since you have to browse for hours to find  suitable royalty free images and icons. DoodleMaker eliminates this process by providing an inbuilt library consisting of millions of images and icons for you to choose from. Thanks to the Pixabay and Iconfinder integration! 

DoodleMaker Review-Doodlemaker features

Image to Sketch Conversion

To stand out and to show some differentiation to your audience, you could convert your images into sketches wherever and whenever you need in your doodle videos.

Built in Color Customizer

Create your doodle videos in either black and white or color with just a click of your mouse. You could use the color customizer to change the color of any element based on your preference. This option is not available in most the other doodle video maker apps.

Built in Doodle Transitions

Add extra POP and professionalism in your doodle videos by using next generation doodle transition styles. Use transitional effects like fade in, fade out, Slide from bottom, etc. to enhance your doodle videos in just simple clicks.

Share your Doodle Video in HD Quality

You could export doodle videos in 720p HD or 1080p FULL HD format for sharing across various platforms. You could also make use of the in-built You Tube and Vimeo publisher to save your time.

Earn Extra Income by Selling your Doodle Videos

DoodleMaker Review-doodlemaker license

Doodle video maker provides you with free commercial license along with personal use and hence you could sell doodle videos and earn money by the following means:

  • You could charge customers per video or you could charge them on a monthly basis.
  • You could earn by various means by helping people like coaches, consultants , educators, etc. in their doodle creation process to convert their old boring content into engaging doodle videos .
  • You could add doodle video content to your existing service offerings to boost their engagement rates.


YES! DoodleMaker is a versatile doodle creation software and provided with the added bonus of a commercial license, its usage capabilities is unlimited. 

DoodleMaker fit perfectly for the following:

  • Content Creators
  • Coaches
  • Freelancers
  • Teachers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Online and Offline Businesses
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Authors
  • Youtubers and many others

DoodleMaker can be used to perform the following functions:

  • Lead Generation and Sales
  • ecommerce 
  • Branding 
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Agency Business
  • Product Creation
  • Educating/coaching
  • Traffic Campaigns

DoodleMaker Review - PROS

Doodlemaker Review
  • Numerous pathbreaking features ( listed above in the Features section) that no other apps/ tools provide.
  • Cloud based platform – No need to install anything. Fast and easy doodle creation.
  • No recurring monthly payments. One time  payment on purchase.
  • No hosting cost to work in the cloud platform.
  • No extra video rendering fees.
  • No video storage costs.
  • No limits on number of videos. You could create unlimited number of doodle videos.
  • No learning curve i.e. even beginners with no knowledge of video creation can start creating doodle videos almost instantly.
  • Commercial and Personal License included.
  • Built-in music and image library. Choose from many royalty free music and images.
  • Ultimately, produce an engaging and professional standard doodle video at a very cheap price.
  • 30 days guaranteed money back without any questions.
DoodleMaker Review-Why DoodleMaker in the Best

DoodleMaker Review- CONS

The only drawback that you will face in this doodle video maker is that initially, you will be overwhelmed with the availability of many options to choose from. For instance you might be confused to choose a template since there are too many good ones! So it might take some time initially. 

Otherwise, there are no major cons reported for this Doodle Video Maker Tool.

DoodleMaker Review- SPECIAL BONUSES

DoodleMaker Review-Doodlemaker bonus
DoodleMaker Review-Doodlemaker bonus
DoodleMaker Review-Doodlemaker bonus
DoodleMaker Review-Doodlemaker bonus

These key features of DoodleMaker are available as special bonuses for a limited period only. Hurry up and claim these bonuses along with DoodleMaker Enterprise which no other doodle video maker tool provides.

DoodleMaker Review - PRICING

What’s Included:

  1. Commercial License
  2. All the above mentioned Features
  3. Video Duration up to 15 minutes
  4. Client-getting Training
  5. 5 million Royalty free Images
  6. Copyright free music library
  7. Unlimited Videos, No limits!

Only 67$ - Lifetime Access!

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Product Upgrades:

After purchasing DoodleMaker, you could consider upgrading to DoodleMaker Deluxe License. 

Benefits of the Upgrade:

  • Ultra Premium Templates
  • Ultra Premium Image, Music and Voice Library and many more features.
  • Costs 49$ for Lifetime access.

NOTE: Most people do not require an Deluxe upgrade. DoodleMaker Enterprise will be more than enough. However if you wish to go for an upgrade, kindly go through the features thoroughly before buying.

DoodleMaker Review - UPSELLING

Want to sell Doodlemaker as your very own product and earn money? 

Yes, that’s possible. Thanks to DoodleMaker’s Whitelabel products.

DoodleMaker Whitelabel plans helps common people like you and me to earn money by selling DoodleMaker products as our own.  Sounds interesting right? Apart from using this doodle creation tool and creating doodle videos, you could also earn more money by selling this doodle video maker software to others. Due to the value offered by DoodleMaker , many people will definitely be willing to buy this recently launched doodle creation software and hence there is a huge selling potential. Many have indeed invested in this lucrative idea and I recommend you to try out this brilliant way for earning passive income.

Benefits of DoodleMaker Whitelabel:

  • Rebrand and sell to others
  • Set up your own price
  • Keep 100% of your profits
  • Earn formidable passive income

DoodleMaker Whitelable Agency

Get 50 account licenses at an one time price of 97$ 

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DoodleMaker Whitelabel Enterprise

Get UNLIMITED licenses at an 1 time price of 497$

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DoodleMaker Review - TESTIMONIALS

DoodleMaker Review- Testimonials

DoodleMaker is a great tool to create doodle videos and cartoon animated videos. The process is very simple, clean and intuitive.

Damon Nelson

Internet Marketer

DoodleMaker Review- Testimonials

It is very amazing how easily one could create  doodle videos using DoodleMaker. If you are looking for a doodle creation tool, then you must go with DoodleMaker.


Business Owner

0 +
Products Sold in just 2 months
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Positive Reviews
DoodleMaker Review- Testimonials

I am so glad and fortunate that I have stumbled on DoodleMaker. It has helped me to serve and educate people in a more simple and effective way.



DoodleMaker Review - F.A.Q

Yes! Since you will be able to create unlimited doodle videos. For videos longer than 15 minutes, you have to create multiple videos and attach them together. DoodleMaker provides step by step tutorial for the same.

Yes! Doodlemaker comes with step by step tutorials walking you through the entire process from making your doodle videos to  selling your doodle videos. 

YES! If you are not satisfied for some reasons, you can contact us at support@doodlemaker.com and we will refund your money without asking any questions.

Yes. DoodleMaker comes with commercial license. You could leverage it by selling unlimited videos and  get to keep 100% of the profit.

Nope. You have to pay only once during the purchase of the product.

Well, there is no catch at all! There are no terms and conditions too. You could literally create as many doodle videos as you want.

DoodleMaker is loaded with award winning and industry leading features that are not available is any other app.

You can get everything with lifetime access at a very low one time payment. Nothing can come close! 

DoodleMaker Review- CONCLUSION

To summarize, DoodleMaker is one and only doodle creation tool available that helps you to create attractive and engaging doodle videos in a very short span of time easily.

Using the doodle videos, you could easily increase your website traffic, conversions and eventually sales. 

With the commercial rights, you could also earn money by selling your doodle videos created by DoodleMaker. You could also earn money by upselling the software as your own by using DoodleMaker Whitelabel.

DoodleMaker is a revolutionary doodle creation tool and I would strongly recommend you to go ahead and try this product. Do not worry, you are protected by 30 days money back guarantee. 

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