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Why do you Need An Interactive Video Making Software?

Video Marketing has proven to have higher audience engagements and potential to bring about conversions. Be it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any other digital marketing platform, you could observe that many brands mainly advertise video contents to draw your attention. Moreover, every product sales page uses a video to explain the product. It is a natural human tendency to prefer to learn something via video rather than reading text paragraphs. That is why you would have searched “how to” content more on YouTube  than other platforms on numerous occasions. That is the power of Video Marketing.

However, creating an engaging and profitable video marketing campaign is no easy task. This is one disadvantage that every brand and marketing team face. The reason for this problem is that the videos are not interactive. Assume that you are promoting your product by a YouTube video ad, the following are the actions that can be expected from a consumer:

  • The customer clicks on your video and lands at the sales page and may eventually convert.
  • The customer clicks on your video and lands at the sales page and may not convert.
  • The customer sees the ad, but doesn’t click on to the landing page.

Now, among these three, the first one brings about sales but it doesn’t always go this way. Moreover, you cannot predict which customer is going to follow which way since they all are potential and targeted customers. Ultimately, you will be paying for ads on all three occasions and hence the Return on Investments (ROI) will take time. As said earlier, the only solution to solve this issue and make video marketing campaign profitable is by using interactive videos.

Interactive videos enable your customers to see and act on specific content on the video itself thus reducing the bounce off rates. It also increases your video engagement and conversions by three folds! However, only a smaller proportion of digital and affiliate marketers use interactive video making for their campaign because of the following reasons:

  • Interactive video making requires high skill level and hence it is time consuming. Even professional take days and weeks to create an interactive video campaign.
  • It is costly to create an interactive video.

What Actually is this VideoMatic Interactive Video Making Software?

VideoMatic is a one of its kind interactive video making software that enables you to make videos with which the customer can feed details like email, etc. all in the video itself. This keeps your customer in one engaging place which aids is more lead generation and conversions. The videos can be easily created and shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, You Tube etc. with a click. It is as simple as that. Now that is crazy right? 

Videomatic is a simple yet powerful video making software that helps to create easy, fast and engaging interactive videos. Below are the detailed features of the video making software.

Whats's Unique in this Interactive Video Marketing Software?

  1. VideoMatic makes Video marketing much simpler and profitable using “Behavioral Dynamic Response Marketing”
  2. Powerful CTA Videos with clickable buttons and links for Boosting Sales.
  3.  Interactive Video with In-video Quizzes and Polls to Boost your Engagements.
  4. Interactive Opt-in forms contained in the video to build a quick and potential Email list.
  5. Turn any review video into a video marketing campaign ethically.
  6. Crush your Competition with the latest features like time-delay callout slides, superimpose images, maps, logo watermarks, and much more.
  7. Sell Interactive Video for Video Marketing to your clients using the Agency License.
  8. Store thousands of videos on fast cloud servers for free.
  9. Create an Interactive Video just by simply pointing-and-clicking and hence even rookies can create interactive videos almost instantly.

How Does this Interactive Video Making Software Work?

How VideoMatic Video Creation Works

The process of creating an interactive video in this video making software is made very easy in just three simple steps. You can either start with a template or could start from scratch. There are hundreds of free video templates available for you to choose from. The second step is to customize the video based on your requirements. You could change color, add shapes, text, opt-in forms, landing page links, etc. with simple clicks. 

That’s it and you are ready to start your video marketing. Get more leads and conversions instantly by sharing/selling your interactive video(s).


Key Feautures of This Interactive Video Making Software

The Powerful Video Making Software to Boost your Leads and Conversions
VideoMatic Video Making Demo

What Does VideoMatic Do for your video marketing campaign?

  1. Provides you with High-Value Leads via Active Viewership by creating an Immersive audience Experience with your videos.
  2. Videos created from VideoMatic are very engaging which keeps your users hooked on the content and makes them stay longer. This drives higher organic traffic.
  3. These interactive videos also bring about more sales since the CTA button is present in the video itself. 
  4. VideoMatic helps you to reduce the cost incurred for video marketing and thus increases the profits.

Benefits of using this video making software for video marketing:

  • High Value Lead Generation by active viewership and hence more conversions.
  • Create highly engaging videos and hence rank higher by You Tube, Facebook etc.
  • Achieve high sales because of the complete integration of Call to Actions (CTA) within the video itself.
  • No need to create additional landing page, etc. and hence less money spent i.e. more profits.
  • User friendly interface and quick video making by just a few clicks.
  • Quick share to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, You Tube etc.
  • Optimize future video campaigns by using the analytics and performance of your previous videos. 
  • Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel Integration.
  • Easily integrate with platforms like Mailchimp, Get Response etc. to create an audience list.

Upsell/Warn Money by Selling this Video Making Software as Your Own

VideoMatic Whitelabel Licences enable you to earn profits by selling Videomatic as your own product. 

YES, you heard me right. But product licenses for a very cheap price and sell it at whatever price you want. You also get to keep all the profits!

Given the value offered by the product, this is a very good opportunity to earn passive income and I strongly recommend you to try it.

Pricing of this Interactive Video Making Software

Special Offer: Get VideoMatic for only 27$!

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VideoMatic Offical Site


$39 / month
  • All Commercial Features
  • Video Ads & Smart Video Editor
  • Video and Image Stock
  • Different opt-in forms
  • Video Agency Marketing Kit
  • Local Clients Automatic Finder
  • Earn by selling interactive videos as a service
  • More Fonts
  • Tons of Animations
  • Ultra Fast 24/7 support

Testimonials for this Video Marketing Software

VideoMatic Testimonial

If you want your interactive video to look more interesting and engaging, it's best to use VideoMatic to create it. VideoMAtic is designed for beginners, so you can quickly make an interactive video. There are various interactive elements to turn your video into Impact Sales machines. Without an exaggeration, VideoMatic is the best Video Making Software. You have to try it now!

Simon Warner

Marketing Legend and Video Marketing Veteran

VideoMatic Testimonial

70% of marketers say interactive video engages audiences "very well" and 68% of marketers believe that the trend will continue for a long time. I strongly believe that VideoMatic will significantly boost leads, sales, and profits in my online business venture. I strongly recommend it as the go-to tool for creating interactive videos that engage users and convert them into your customers.

Mosh Bari

Top Vendor and Super Affiliate

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F.A.Q's on this Interactive Video Making Software

YES. As long as you have access to the internet, you can access VideoMatic. Since VideoMatic works on cloud-based platforms, any devices -mac, windows, or smartphones can be used.

Absolutely Not!  You could literally create as many video marketing campaigns as you wish for yourself as well as for your clients using the commercial license. 

VideoMatic provides you 24/7 support by a very friendly support team. You could reach out for support using your dashboard support option.

After purchasing VideoMatic, you will be added to the Member's area. Here, you could access the training videos covering basic to advanced topics. 

VideoMatic automatically pushes updates through the cloud server in order to improve your user experience.

Should YOU Buy VideoMatic ?


VideoMatic is trusted and recommended by many reputed influencers, marketers, and companies all over the world. With such a powerful and innovative technology, video marketing campaigns can be made more effective and profitable.

If you are a digital marketer, entrepreneur, or affiliate marketer, VideoMatic is definitely a must-have tool to boost your sales. 

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