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Social Post Magic is a fully automated all-in-one social media management and scheduling tool. It is the only affordable social media management tool available compared to existing ones like Buffer, Hootsuite, etc.

Social Media is one of the biggest sources of Organic Traffic. It is a great platform for Businesses to create their Brand Presence, Promote Sales, and Provide Customer Support. In a digitally equipped world, if you want your business to progress, you got to present on social media platforms.

The question is not ‘Whether we need to do Social Media?’. It is rather ‘How to do Social Media Well?

Having your presence on social media alone won’t bring you sales. Due to the information overload and competition, you have to always post engaging content on social media platforms. This is a very big pain factor for business owners like you because of the following reasons:

  1. There are many social media platforms available and you have to jump between them to post engaging content.
  2. It is a repetitive, time-consuming, and frustrating process. 
  3. You tend to spend equal or more time in social media management rather than in social media content planning!

Therefore social media management is a relentless and never-ending job. Imagine the time that could have spent on other profitable activities rather than on social media management. To solve this, you need a social management tool. 

A social media management tool is a common platform where you can link all your social media profiles and post instantly. This tool could also serve as a social media scheduling tool and you can schedule posts beforehand. Even though such tools are available in the market, only a handful of businesses/marketers use them, because for one main reason :

Social Media Management Tool

Existing Social Media Management Tools are quite costly and monthly recurring. 

What Actually is this Social Media Management Tool?

Social Post Magic is an all in one affordable and automated Social Media Toolkit – Social Media Management tool as well as Social Media Scheduling Tool.

It makes social media management easier and less time-consuming, thus giving your valuable time back to you

Moreover, with Social Post Magic’s Social Media Management and Social Media Scheduling Tool, your social media marketing can be made:

  • Quicker
  • More Effective
  • More Popular with increased reach
  • More engaging and cool effortlessly
  • More Profitable with less effort

Video Demo- Watch Social Media Management Tool in Action

How Does this Social Media Management Tool Work?

Social Post Magic is going to make your Social Media Management easy, effortless and more efficient in just 4 simple steps.


Social Post Magic-Social Media Management Tool 

Using this Social Media Scheduling Tool, you could schedule your posts to appear at any time on any of your platforms! This not only saves time but gives time to be flexible in content creation.

Using this feature, You could make your posts to appear automatically at times you feel they would perform better. Social Post Magic makes it very easy and removes huge workload from you. 

Step 2 - POST

Social Post Magic-Social Media Management Tool 

Using this social media management tool, you could integrate an unlimited number of platforms and post selectively or all at once.

This allows you to always stay logged in to all of your social media platforms in one place, thus eliminating the need to flick/jump from one platform to the other.


Social Post Magic-Social Media Management Tool 

Reposting valuable content is essential and Social Post Magic’s Social Media Scheduling Tool gives you an option to repost posts on specific frequencies.

Social Post Magic cleverly sorts out your posts into a category based content library. It thus eliminates the need for scrolling through your posts and saves valuable time.

Step 4 - PROFIT

Social Post Magic-Social Media Management Tool 

Since this Social Management Tool automates your entire social media process, you need not worry about posting manually content ever again.

Schedule content, sit back, and relax! 

 Let Social Post Magic work its Magic!

Highlights of this Social Media Management Tool

Social Media Calender

Social Post Magic also serves as a social media scheduling tool enabling to pre-schedule post for days, weeks, months or even for a year.

Link Unlimited Social Profiles

Social Media management Tool

You could now link any number of social profiles under one platform using this social media management tool.

Organized Post Archives

Social Post Magic also sorts out your existing post into categories which enable you to easily scout for any previous post and repost it. 

Automatic Reposting

This social management tool also allows you to configure reposting on a specific frequency while setting up a campaign.

Everything's Unlimited

Unlimted accounts, unlimited posts, unlimited content, unlimited groups, unlimited time-slots, and unlimited categories.

This means that you’re scope to attract traffic and profits are also UNLIMITED.

Affordable & Special One Time Payment Price

Social Post Magic is the only available Social Media Management/ Social Media Scheduling Tool available at this price.

As a special launch offer, you get if for a very small one time payment. 

30-day Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t like the product, then you could ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

Therefore, it is only a loss if you don’t try Social Post Magic’s Social Media Management Tool.

Why this is the BEST Social Media Scheduling Tool for YOU?

Best Social Media Management Tool - Social Post Magic

Compared to any other existing Social Media Management Tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, MeetEdgar, etc., Social Post Magic is the only affordable and effective social media scheduling tool available in the market for you. 

Moreover, Buffer and other social media management tool has certain restrictions over the number of platform integration, whereas Social Post Magic is totally UNLIMITED.

Special Bonuses You Will Get with this Social Media Scheduling Tool.

BONUS #1- 365 Day Planner

Social Post Magic Bonuses

Get 365 days of ready-made posts along with this social media management tool, so that you’ll don’t be short of inspirations to engage with your followers.

BONUS #2- Meme Post Magic

Social Post Magic Bonuses

Memes are one of the frequent and virally shared content types. To leverage that, you get free meme creation software along with Social Post Magic. 

BONUS #3- 100 Social Media Images

Social Post Magic Bonuses

To stand out from the noise, you have to use high-quality images in your social media posts.

Along with this social media scheduling tool, get 100 premium royalty-free images to use in your social media marketing campaigns.

BONUS #4- 100 Quotes from the Worlds Famous People

Social Post Magic Bonuses

Add some authority to your posts by adding famous quotes provided along with Social Post Magic.

Quotes from famous people echoing your product are bound to bring more user attention. 

BONUS #5- Social Traffic Plan

Social Post Magic Bonuses

Along with this social media management tool, you also get exclusive training on how to utilize each social platform like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. to boost your various marketing goals like brand awareness, traffic, leads, and sales conversions. 

PRICING for this Social Media Management Tool

Product Upgrade:

Social Post Magic Agency Upgrade

$147 / one time
  • Agency License
  • Manage Social Media for your Clients
  • $4785 worth of Bonuses
  • 24/7 support

PROS & CONS for this Social Media Management Tool


  • Affordable one-time price
  • Social Media Scheduling Tool
  • Completely automated social media management. 
  • Post engaging content across different platforms quicker under one platform.
  • Special Bonuses 
  • No restrictions on the number of accounts, schedules, and posts.
  • Automatic Library Creation of existing posts for easy sorting.
  • Automatic Reposting of Valuable content.
  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee.


The affordable one-time price might end soon and become a monthly recurring one. So hurry up and act fast!

No major cons were reported so far for this social media scheduling tool.

What do People say about this Social Media Scheduling Tool? (Testimonials)

Social Post Magic Testimonials

Love it. There are lots of social media scheduling tool out there to manage social media but most have very limited features and are very expensive. Social Post Magic will be an affordable option for all.

Eric LeRiche

Social Post Magic Testimonials

This is amazing! I am so excited that something of this caliber is now available.

Sonia Smith Park

Social Post Magic Testimonials

I have been waiting for software like Social Post Magic for some time now. I have purchased other social media scheduling tools in the past which were of no benefit for me. One didn't work, and the other did not allow me to sell copies to clients. My clients love this software and Social Post Magic is what exactly they need.

Maurice Alexander Lee

Should YOU BUY this Social Media Management Tool?


Social Post Magic is the only affordable and fully automated Social Media Management Tool/ Social Media Scheduling Tool available in the market right now.

It provides features like unlimited social profile integration, unlimited schedules, and unlimited posts. With the Agency Upgrade, you could also earn money by selling copies to your clients.

Social Post Magic can be considered as an affordable and effective replacement for Buffer, HootSuite, etc. 

Moreover, you are protected by a 30-day moneyback guarantee. So it’s only a loss if you don’t try out this hot social media management tool.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up, and save your valuable time spent on managing content and earn more organic traffic.

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