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Content Gorilla 2.0 is the new and revolutionary content creation tool, which automatically generates blog post content from YouTube Videos. It also comes with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn integration for instant post sharing.

The Need for Powerful Content Creation Tool

Have you ever looked at content creation on any site that you have visited, but felt that you could do better?

Perhaps you could, but the problem is how often do you actually put those ideas into action?

Or perhaps the problem is that you just don’t know where to start, or even if you should start?

Without great content, your webpage will not rank in the google search results.

As someone rightly said, “Content is the King”

Content Marketing is the heart of every successful brand/business and hence a lot of emphases has to be put on creating engaging content. But, creating great content one after the other is no simple task. It takes a lot of skill and time to do that. And if you don’t have both, then you are in a serious problem.

Writing your own content is probably the best and effective way of content creation, but as said earlier, it takes a hell of a time.  You will not have the motivation to sit and write content after content for a long time. Moreover, You have to spend only 5% of your time creating content and the rest on marketing it. Otherwise, your business will not prosper.

Now you would ask me, why don’t I hire a content writer? 

Well, you could if you have a lot of money to spend! Hiring content writers are the least economic way of content creation. Many so-called cheap online platforms like Fiverr, etc. actually costs you hundreds of dollars.

Therefore there is a dire need for a content creation tool. Well, there are many available in the market right now, but I do not recommend them for the following reasons:

  • They are very costly
  • Sharing the content to social media can be done only manually.
  • They generate content by AI technology and it doesn’t sound naturally fluent.

Buckle Up! I am now going to introduce you to a new all-in-one revolutionary tool for content creation and marketing- Content Gorilla 2.0.

What Actually is this Content Creation Tool?

Content Gorilla 2.0 is the new and revolutionary content creation tool that has integrated social sharing. The key highlight of this content creation tool is that it generates new and unique content from existing user-generated content.

Confused? Let me explain. Normally, every other content creation tool uses AI to scan the web and generates new content. But this content will not be naturally fluent and convincing. Content Gorilla 2.0 on the other hand, generates content from YouTube videos!

Youtube is the major platform where reliable and quality content are posted regularly. Moreover, these are user-generated content and they sound naturally fluent and convincing. Such content would generally result in more user engagement. Content Gorilla 2.0 leverages this advantage by creating new and unique content from these Youtube videos.

Now, you might wonder whether it is legally compliant to do that? Well, Content Gorilla 2.0’s content creation tool uses YouTube videos with Commercial and Creative Commons Rights only i.e. the ones where it is totally legal to use the video freely with just a backlink to the original video! So it is totally legal and dope!

Along with the content creation tool, Content Gorilla 2.0 also features a social media sharing option which enables you to share your content easily and hence generate more organic traffic.

How Does Content Gorilla 2.0 Work?

This content creation tool generates unique and quality content under 60 seconds by three simple steps.


Open the Content Gorilla 2.0 interface and start searching for your relevant content. This content search process is easy and similar to a Youtube Video search. 


Once you have selected your video, simply click create a post and the content creation tool will do the rest!


Go through the content and make corrections if any. After you are done, you could then instantly post it to your blog (WordPress plugin) or to your social media platforms.

Video- Content Creation Tool Walkthrough

Features of this Content Creation Tool


Content Gorilla 2.0- Content Creation Tool

Using Content Gorilla 2.0 deep search feature, you could sort your search results by relevance, views, or videos with Creative Commons License ( videos that are free to use). 


The content creation also comes with an inbuilt grammar check which you could leverage according to your preference.


This content creation also comes with an inbuilt content spinner to create multiple unique versions of your created content. This feature is one of the best add ons to the previous version.


Content Gorilla 2.0- Content Creation Tool

You can get automatic image suggestions relevant to your keywords. You could then simply drag and drop any number of images you want. 


Content Gorilla 2.0- Content Creation Tool

For your post, the featured image is inserted automatically from the thumbnail of the YouTube video. You can also customize your own featured image.


This content creation tool automatically imports the tags from the youtube video into the post. These tags help in the SEO process and make your page rank higher.


This is an added bonus provided to you by Content Gorilla 2.0. You could just paste any existing content and this content creation tool will rewrite that into unique content. 


When you convert some videos into posts, they might not contain punctuation marks due to the delivery of the video. To solve the issue, Content Gorilla 2.0 features an AI-powered one-click punctuator. 


This content creation tool keeps track of your old posts by creating an archive. This comes in handy while tracking down older posts for reposting. 


As said earlier, Content Gorilla 2.0 comes with social media integrations which enables you to easily post content to your social media platforms.

[Facebook pages and groups, Twitter and LinkedIn]


You could create as many custom images you want for your social media platforms i.e. you could have different featured images for each social media platforms.


This is another important feature of this content creation tool which will automatically link related content in your blogs to the current post. Internal links are essential to reduce bounce off rates and Content Gorilla 2.0 automates the process for you.


You could create and post up to 10 blog posts instantly or you could drip feed them at specific intervals.


You could integrate and publish to multiple blogs/website at a time.


Content Gorilla 2.0- Content Creation Tool

You could create content in 105 Youtube supported languages using this Content Creation Tool. 


Content Gorilla 2.0 makes WordPress integration easy with the help of a lightweight plugin. So Zero Compatibility Issues.

Will this Content Creation Tool Benefit You?

Content Gorilla 2.0- Content Creation Tool


Content Gorilla 2.0 is suitable for anyone who wants to create and publish quick and engaging content on blogs and social media platforms.

As an outcome of using this content creation tool, you would get increased organic traffic to your website.

Bonuses that you get along with Content Gorilla 2.0



Content Gorilla 2.0 Bonuses

This is a 3-week exclusive training where content marketing will be taught in-depth. Using this LIVE training series, you could be able to make money online using content marketing. All these lectures are based on Content Gorilla 2.0’s Content Creation tool.



Content Gorilla 2.0 Bonuses

The makers of Content Gorilla are willing to go to any extent to help you earn money. If you don’t have a blog yet and new to content marketing, you could get started almost instantly.



Content Gorilla 2.0 Bonuses

Repurpose your content while maintaining its quality. You need not create or rewrite every time you want to repurpose for reposting. Simple use this exclusive guide and save your valuable time. 



Content Gorilla 2.0 Bonuses

Along with Content Gorilla’s Content Creation Tool, you also get My Article Submitter to boost your traffic. This automated tool submits your articles/posts to hundreds of article directories! 

Note: To claim bonuses, kindly mail your receipt copy after purchase, to digitalgarland@gmail.com

Pricing for this Content Creation Tool

Content Gorilla 2.0 Monthly

$19.95 / monthly
  • Quick Convert
  • Multi-Lingual Content
  • Auto add relevant images
  • Built-in Content Spinner
  • Built-in Grammar Correction
  • Video to Post Tags
  • Article Rewriter
  • Bulk Post
  • Fetch Featured Image
  • Upto 10 Websites
  • Unlimited Usage
  • 4 Special Bonuses
  • Lifetime Support

Earn Money using Content Gorilla 2.0's Agency Upgrades

You could not only earn money by content creation and marketing but also by selling Content Gorilla 2.0’s Content Creation Software to your clients! This is made possible by the agency upgrade.

You would have already realized the value proportion of the software by now. As a result this huge product value, the demand for this content creation tool is very high. 

Therefore, I would strongly recommend you to try out this agency upgrade and earn considerable amount of passive income, very easily. 

Agency 50 Accounts

Get 50 Agency Licenses For Selling

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Agency 250 Accounts

Get 250 Agency Licenses For Selling

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PROS & CONS of this Content Creation Tool


  • Completely automated
  • Very easy to use
  • Newbie Friendly
  • Create fast and unique content.
  • Best Content Creation Tool available at this price.
  • Free Bonuses included
  • Multi-lingual Post creation
  • Built-in Grammer Corrector
  • Built-in Content Spinner
  • Built-in Article Rewriter
  • Unlimited Usage
  • 14 days money-back guarantee


No major cons reported so far!

Minor Drawback- Cannot use other video platforms like Vimeo ,etc.

Testimonials for this Content Creation Tool

Your New Content Creation Tool - Content Gorilla 2.0

Definitely one of my favorite solutions.  I have tried so many content solutions but this content creation software offers the best experience. 

Jody Sachse

Content Gorilla 2.0 is unbelievably easy to use. I say this being a non-techie, and very close to 70 years old. With this tool, I'm able to find the best Youtube videos, and within minutes, I could turn them into a blog post using this content creation tool. I highly recommend Content Gorilla 2.0 to all bloggers.


F.A.Q's regarding Content Gorilla 2.0

Yes and No. 

Content Gorilla 2.0 would work with all those youtube videos which has closed captions.

There are video tutorials and documentations available for guiding you step-by-step.

You could also contact our support team we would be happy to help.

If you are a old 1.0 customer, you could purchase the 2.0 version for a 50% discount ( limited period offer)

Whereas, if you are a 1.0 PRO user, then your account will get automatically upgraded to the latest 2.0 version.

You can use Content Gorilla 2.0 on maximum of 10 websites.

If that is not enough and you need more, you could contact our support team to purchase an extra one-time package.

You literally have complete control over the content that you create using Content Gorilla. 

You can use only the commons license videos and create post without having the need to rewrite it. 

Otherwise, you could use the built-in spinner to rewrite content from any video!

The lot of stabilization has been done. More specifically, the features below:

  • AI Punctuator
  • Channel Scheduler
  • Post Archive
  • Multi-Publishing
  • Social Media Integrations( Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook Pages and groups)
  • Internal Linking
  • Create Images for posting

Should YOU BUY Content Gorilla 2.0?


Content Gorilla 2.0 is the best all-in-one content creation and marketing suite available at this price.

Using this content creation tool, you could not only create blog posts from Youtube Videos but also could post them instantly to various social media platforms and boost your organic traffic.

It also comes with an in-built content spinner and article rewrite which comes in handy for repurposing content.

Moreover, you are protected by 14 days money-back guarantee, so it’s only a loss if you don’t try this tool.

I would strongly recommend you to try out Content Gorilla 2.0. 

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