Make Money From Online Marketing Using ADA Leadz

Make Money From Online Marketing Using ADA Leadz

Online Marketing is one of the potential and growing markets and therefore one of the best options to invest in and start your own venture.

It is estimated that around 90% of the entire population has access to the Internet. From a business/brand’s point of view, Internet is where its customers are and hence many brands and businesses have transformed their existence into the digital medium. 

As a result, conventional marketing evolved into a more innovative and digitalized form enabling common people like you and me to make money from online marketing. Yes, it is now possible for anyone with minimal marketing knowledge to start an entrepreneurial venture and make money from online marketing. 

Apart from the fact that online marketing is lucrative, many are attracted to trying it for its luxury. Online marketing is probably one of the effective ventures where you could just sit at home, work as per your convenience, and earn money at the same time.

The entire idea of being financially independent by being able to make money from online marketing is a fantasy!

So why don’t you start an online marketing business and live a completely independent life that you would have visualized only in your wildest dreams? 

Well, there’s a catch. Not everyone can be successful in online marketing because of certain difficulties. It doesn’t mean that you cannot succeed and make money from online marketing. I am saying that it is difficult to break into the digital space initially and start earning money. 

But You Need Not Worry. Because I am going to show you a unique and lucrative way to make money from online marketing. 

Problems You Would Face When You Start Your Online Marketing Business

The main problem that you will face is competition. Like you, many would have started out to make money from online marketing and many would have already established themselves in the market.

As a result, you have to stand out in what you are offering in order to attract clients. But that is no easy task. 

There are many big and established companies that provide almost all kinds of online marketing services. To compete with them, imagine how good you should be.

But you are new and just starting, right? How could you matchup and compete?

If you are lucky, you would somehow manage and squeeze your way in. Otherwise, you would find it extremely difficult to even generate leads. Ultimately, you would be left with three options. 

Make Money From Online Marketing Using ADA Leadz


You could give up by convincing yourself that online marketing is not suited for you even though many others with lesser resources make money from online marketing. 

Make Money From Online Marketing Using ADA Leadz


You could continue to invest in “me-too” software/tools that don’t do anything for you to make money from online marketing. You only end up repeating your mistakes rather than finding an actual solution

Make Money From Online Marketing Using ADA Leadz


YES, this is the option that you should choose in order to make money from online marketing. ADA Leadz is a unique and powerful software that will solve all of your problems!

ADA Leadz Rating
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  • Features
  • Quality
  • Support


ADA Leadz is one of its kind ADA Website Compliance Audit Tool. ADA Leadz also helps in generating potentials leads i.e. active websites without ADA Compliance and guides in converting them into your paying clients. It is one of the potent means to make money from online marketing.


What is ADA Website Compliance?

‘Americans with Disabilities Act’ commonly referred to as ADA is a federal law that has been established to avoid discrimination against people with disabilities. ADA Website Compliance means that your website should follow certain guidelines so that it is accessible to people with disabilities. 

This is a serious issue and many companies are being sued for their non-ADA Compliant Website. Watch the seriousness of the issue in the videos below.



Businesses are being sued left and right for being non-ADA compliant. As a result, many business owners are looking for an ADA Compliance solution. 

This is where you come into action.

How you could use ADA Website Compliance to Make Money from Online Marketing?

As said earlier, many business owners are looking for services to make their website ADA compliant.

If you could figure out a way to provide services, businesses will pay you for the same. 

Moreover, this is a unique online marketing service where only a fair number of marketers provide such a service.

Therefore, you could easily make money from online marketing with minimal effort and time!

What actually is ADA Leadz?

ADA Leadz is a revolutionary software solution that will help you to set-up your own agency and make money from online marketing by providing the much-needed ADA Website Compliance related services.

Using ADA Leadz, you could do the following:

  • Run Complete ADA Website Compliance Audits and charge your customers/clients for the same.
  • Search and Filter Non-ADA Compliant websites (potential leads) 
  • Download Professional Quality PDF reports for areas where such sites are non-ADA Compliant.
  • Get in touch with those business owners and convert them into your clients using ADA Leadz in-built Email Technology.
  • Generate additional reports like SEO, Performance, etc. 
  • Make money from online marketing effortlessly. 

YES, ADA Leadz also finds potential leads for you in no time. All you have to do is to Get ADA Leadz. Every other process can be easily done on a single platform.  

How Does ADA Leadz Help You to Make Money From Online Marketing?

Using ADA Leadz, you could start to make money from your online marketing business in just 3 simple steps:

How Does ADA Lead Work? Step 1 - Find Hot and Qualified Leads

Just type in a niche/keyword and ADA Leadz will quickly find hot and quality leads i.e. active websites and pages that are non- ADA compliant. 

How Does ADA Lead Work? Step 2- Run a full Ada Website Audit

Run a complete ADA Compliant Audit to find out the areas where your prospect’s webpages are lagging in ADA Compliance. The results are automatically generated into professional print-on-demand reports.

How Does ADA Lead Work? Step 3 - Get paid

Using the generated reports, you could send them to your potential leads/clients and start getting paid. Moreover, the communication process is also made easier by an in-built email technology and many DFY email swipes/templates.

Video Demo - Watch ADA Leadz in Action

Watch the video demo below to see how you could make money from online marketing using ADA Leadz.

Features of this ADA Website Compliance Checker


Type in a keyword and get access to potential leads irrespective of business/niche. You could also apply filters to optimize your search results and hence shortlist your potential leads.


Using ADA Leadz, you could view complete information about your lead including contact information, address, page URL, ADA compliant status etc. 


There are many filter options available for you to sort out, isolate, and target your potential leads. 


ADA Leadz automatically scans the entire website of your potential leads in just few seconds.


After Scanning, ADA Leadz automatically generates a thorough report. The report not only points out the areas of ADA in compliance but also provides solutions for the same. Making money from online marketing has never been this easy


You could just download these reports or even print them for your clients. The quality of the report will itself speak and creates a better impression with your clients.


ADA Leadz also allows you to be perfectly organized by creating specific campaigns and managing leads for such particular campaigns. 


ADA Leadz is a user-friendly software that anyone can use.  


ADA Leadz also comes with detailed step-by-step training videos for achieving better results. 


No matter how silly or stupid your question might be, ADA Leadz customer support will be happy to answer.

About the Founder of ADA Leadz

Watch the inspiring story of Mario Brown in the video below:

Watch what Mario’s customer feel about his services below

Is ADA Leadz the Right Solution for YOU? 

If you:

  • Don’t have a standout service to offer to your clients
  • Don’t know how to generate/contact and convert leads
  • Don’t have any technical skill

BUT still want to make money from online marketing, then ADA Leadz might be the best choice for you.

Moreover, ADA Website  Compliance is mandatory for any kind of business. So there is a huge scope for you to make money from online marketing ADA Leadz.

These are some of the potential niches where you could offer your ADA Website Compliance Audit service:

  • Digital Marketers
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee Shops
  • Healthcare 
  • Small Firms
  • Hotels
  • Advertisers
  • Gyms
  • Mechanic
  • Pet Shops
  • Roofers
  • Local Brands and many more.

BONUSES that You Get Along with this ADA Website Compliance Checker


Learn to Use High Converting Webinars to Sell your ADA Services

This bonus will teach you to sell your ADA Website Compliance Services by using high  webinars. Once you have found prospective clients for your service, you could then invite them to a webinar funnel and convert them.

Now, this is the perfect bonus that you might be looking for. ADA Leadz not only generates potential leads, but also teaches you how to convert them and make money from online marketing.


Create and Sell Chat Bots to your Clients

Along with ADA Leadz, another hot and unique service that you could offer to your clients is chatbots. As a bonus, you get a flagship chatbot creation software called BotEngage which you use to create and sell captivating and engaging chatbots to your clients.


Make Money From Online Marketing Using ADA Leadz

Using this bonus, you could see real-world scenarios of the founder’s successful video ad campaigns and could replicate the same for promoting your ADA Website Compliance Service. 

Note: To claim the bonuses after purchase, mail your receipt copy to digitalgarland@gmail.com 

Upsell/ Earn Money by Selling ADA Leadz as Your Own

If you do not wish to sell ADA Website Compliance Services but still want to make money from online marketing, YOU CAN!

ADA Leadz gives you an opportunity to sell ADA Leadz as your own software. YES! You heard me right.

You could purchase either 50 or unlimited licenses for a very low price for selling. You could either use the same brand name or rebrand as you wish and make money from online marketing. Moreover, you get to keep 100% of the profits!

White Label 50 Accounts

Get 50 ADA Leadz accounts to Sell 

Learn More


Get UNLIMITED ADA Leadz accounts to Sell!

Learn More

Now, this is a very potent way to make money from online marketing given the demand and the value proportion of ADA Leadz. I would strongly suggest you try out this lucrative method of earning a consistent passive income.

Pricing For This ADA Website Compliance Checker and Lead Generator


Note: These upgrades have to purchased only after buying ADA Leadz Commercial.

Unlimited Upgrade

This is a must-have update if you want Unlimited Searches, Leads, and Audits.

Learn More

ADA Widget Upgrade

This is also a must-have upgrade for ADA Leadz. Using ADA Widget, you make your client's website ADA Compliant by just copying a code!

Yes! You could not only provide audits but also could make a site ADA Compliant. Moreover, the entire process is automated. ADA Widget generates a code to be placed in the footer of your client's websites and that's it. 

If you want to make more money from online marketing, then you must check this upgrade out. 

Learn More

PRO Upgrade

Get to scan and generate SEO and website performance audit reports. You also get 50 reseller licenses (not white label)

Learn More

DFY Marketing Kit

Done for You Marketing Kit inlcuding Email Swipes, Video ads, etc. makes your process of acquiring clients and making money online easy.

Learn More

PROS & CONS of this ADA Website Compliance Checker


  • Real-time ADA Lead Generation
  • Instant Lead Audits
  • Contact Leads directly from the app
  • DFY Email Templates
  • Create advanced website audits
  • Download Printable PDF reports 
  • 100% Cloud-based
  • 14 day Money back guaranteed
  • Video training included.
  • Free Commercial License
  • One-time Payment (Limited Period Only)


Additional features like unlimited scans, leads, audits, and other reports like SEO reports, etc. are not included in the ADA Leadz Commercial. You have to buy product upgrades mentioned in the pricing section above. 

What do People think about ADA Leadz? ( Testimonials)

Make Money From Online Marketing Using ADA Leadz

I'm in the business of solving real-world problems for real-world clients, and when I can offer a preventive solution that saves a business from headache is a win-win for me. ADA Leadz is a great tool to not only find and provide ADA compliance audit but also is a complete website tool for providing high value services to my clients.

Brian Anderson

Make Money From Online Marketing Using ADA Leadz

ADA Leadz is a great choice if the idea of generating qualified leads and making money from online marketing sounds good to you.

I like it!!

Chris Derenberger


Make Money From Online Marketing Using ADA Leadz

ADA Leadz is a fantastic tool for finding pre-qualified leads to make money from online marketing. ADA Leadz allows you to find non-compliant websites and converts prospective leads into your clients using the professional Website Audits and Reports.

Ben Murray

Make Money From Online Marketing Using ADA Leadz

Very Well Done! Slick audits, incredible lead generation system & all kinds of extra features to make money from online marketing.

Hard to believe that this tool is available for a very low price. Love it. 

Ugoo Carson

F.A.Q's regarding this ADA Website Compliance Checker

[Well, it depends on when you are reading this review.]

Yes, ONLY if there is a special one-time offer like the one while I was writing this article. 

Kindly visit the official website to check.



Since ADA Leadz is a completely cloud based software, all you need is an active internet connection. 


You will be provided with step-by-step training videos.

If you still need assistance, you could contact our dedicated support team from your ADA Leadz dashboard.


There is 14 days money back guarantee. If you don't like for ADA Leadz some reasons, you can request for an instant refund. 

Should YOU BUY ADA Leadz? 

Well, if you wish to make money from online marketing, YES. 

ADA Website Compliance Market is valued at 650 billion dollars.

Using ADA Leadz, you could leverage this lucrative market by providing audit and solving ADA Website Compliance problems.

ADA Leadz automates the process of generating leads and hence getting potential clients will be a cakewalk for you, even if you are a beginner.

Moreover, you are protected by ADA Leadz 14 day money-back guarantee. Therefore it is only a loss if you don’t try out this unique and revolutionary software.

Check out my other blog posts here.

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